Prot spec haste build trinket question

With the haste build and the new RPPM trinkets I have two questions

A:) Taking into consideration I have the LFR Ji Kun DPS trinket equipped, is the Primordius dps trinket a better fit than the shadow pan assault trinket since with haste and RPPM the lfr dps trinkets will proc more often (I ask because the primordius trinket has crit, I WANT the Haste+Str Zandalari trinket off of Horridon)

B:) Are there really any tank trinkets vendor or drop that would be a better item for me to equip as opposed to two dps trinkets or even two tank specific trinkets.


1. Crit with a strength proc? For Prot? No no no no no. Brutal Talisman is much better. And yes, Spark of Zandalar is one of the best ones if you can get it.

2. Really, only the stamina trinket off Lei Shen, and only if you need the extra health.
Yeah, we really don't care that much about the Strength on the trinkets - it's decent, but not really important. It's the Haste value that's attractive. The Expertise on the VP trinket works because we can reforge around that into more Haste elsewhere.

I agree that it's typically a straight-up comparison between dps trinkets and Stamina trinkets. I often have to use dual Stam trinkets for heroic progression, but that's 25m. I actually really like the Lao-Chin's trinket ( Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage) - the on-use synergizes so damn well with Holy Avenger, if I time it right I can basically keep that Mastery-boosted ShoR until the trinket is like 15 seconds from coming off cooldown.

Fortitude of the Zandalari isn't bad, either. Obviously less preferable than the haste trinkets and such, but not bad. I'd grab one even if you don't have an immediate use for it, just because you don't really know if/when the Battlemaster's on-use may be handy in the future. (Tank trinket hoarding!)
Fortitude of the Zandalari isn't bad, either.

Yeah, that's decent too. I always forget it exists.

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