Last ditch effort

rogue LF consistent raid ready group. Preferably one that is already progressed some on ToT. Now I know there are a handful of threads on here recruiting and I've PuG'd with some guilds recently, but the one and only catch is that I'm looking for a group that runs on the following days and times only:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And start time has to be between 9pm and 10pm server.

I'm not looking for a 4 day run in any way, I'm just saying I can't run Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I value and respect other people's time. Which is why I wouldn't want to commit to anything other than these times. Real life would prevent me from committing to anything earlier, or any other days.

Anyway, I've been on the server for a long time. So I know what I'm asking for is a lot. I fully expect that I'll have to transfer in order to find something that works within these parameters. But, I figured I'd take a shot to save myself the transfer fee.
or you could go horde, there are multiple horde raiding guilds with those days and times.

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