Ret what happened?

I have to agree Ret is in the best state it's been in for a long time and yes I was ret during LK as well and it was so boring. Although I would like Seal of Blood back, I've always been a fan of trading health for damage.
Ret in wrath wasn't actually that good, it was even quite bad for most of it. If you had SM/TA/2T10 it was great, but rets tended to be fairly far down the list for getting SM and it wasn't that ret was good, it was having a legendary and a trinket that should have been legendary was really good because they interacted with really poorly coded mechanics that Blizzard was too lazy to fix.

I disagree. Ret was very powerful in T7 and T9 as well. The only lull I ever felt in wrath was Ulduar and that had far more to do with being stuck having BoH due to 25 man Ulduar being tough to PUG and my guild was 10 man raiding.

Once you had justicebringer and DV, you topped meters in every fight except a gimmick like Jaraxxus and mage spellsteal or Faction champions and unholy dks padding meters.

This is coming from a 10 man raider who pugged 25s which made 10s quite simple so I don't know what things looked like at the top end. I do remember being very happy with Bryntroll/TA and 2pc T10. I definitely like my pally better than my DK at the time.
I still remember a YouTube video of a guy who wrote a one button ret macro basically facerolling through a toc 25 and was actually doing pretty well dps wise. I'm surprised more people don't pull that crap in lfr now.

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