New 90 Holy Paly LF PvP Info

I noticed there isnt any sticky for holy pvp. I been looking through the boards and such but the little Ive found is hardly consistant.

I need any and all info.





General tips.

New stuff for 5.3?

I am not completely new to arena, did it back in Cata but things have changed a lot since then.

I am sure someone is gonna say "lrn to use google better" but just havn't found anything I would say is overly helpful or consistant with each other.

How does one check which holy Palies are doing well at arena atm? If I can get a few names I can armory some.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Look at the sticky post by mirion on the EU pally server. There really isn't much help for holy paladins in PvP right now bc we aren't super accepted at the moment. No one jumps up and dfown with glee at the thought of a holy paladin right now.

The big thing you need to be aware of is your positioning. Outside of bubble we are very easy to lock down.

Mirion is very helpful, however like most pallies she has gone ret for arena so you can't copy her.
Please excuse my ignorance but where might I find the EU Paly server? Thanks.
Google wow paladin forums EU.

I had googled it but did not think it was different.

Why is it different?
The Europe servers have different people. I guess I'm not quite sure what your question is.
Ah i c.

I wasn't 100% sure if EU ment Europe at first. I didn't even know they had thier own dedicated web page and forums.

Bump for more tips and tricks, I read Mirins thread but it is rather basic info and outdated for 5.3.
I'm pretty new to pallies and I haven't gemmed my new gear yet out of laziness (will this weekend) but I went from never playing Holy to doing alright with some practice and tips here.

I see you have Sacred Shield I felt that Eternal Flame was better and I liked not having a CD. If you try it out with the beacon of light glyph and the 4 pc set bonus you can beacon then flash of light and holy shock people you are healing for quick holy power. Then throwing eternal flame on people around you. All those absorbs really add up. I try and keep the absorbs up since I know I will get focused, even an eternal flame with just 1 holy power thrown on people helps eat an attack while you get a casted heal off.

Don't expect to compete against some of the stronger healers until you get more gear but it will get better and your heals get stronger with gear.
There isn't much advice for 5.3 BC people are still figuring it out. I've tried every combination but found Gemming for arena and rbgs to be completely different. You're just starting so copying mine or something like it should serve whatever purpose you need.

Look into macros. Macro DL and fol to beacon. Beacon swap.
Mouseovers with whatever healing addon you like is a must.
Stop casting macros to bubble, bop, and sac are a must.
Mouseover rebuke and turn evil macros are great

Battleground targets
Heabot, grid....some raid frames
Healers have to die
Spell alerter, plate buffs, saysapped, quartz....these are some helpful ones

Hs on CD
Fol w beacon to build HP quickly
DL only on proc
Sac on someone when u see a polymorph, ice trap, ring of frost....
Bop clears everything....can save people from necrotics or the pack. They can drop it after
Learn to fake cast and line of sight
If someone is on you, run to the mage or melee
Devotion aura is the best CD ever. Tell your casters to free cast
Freedom your melee
Save cleanse for CCS or frost bombs,

I like my talents and glyphs. I only change a few things based on comp.

I'm on a tablet so its prob a mess. No one can really tell you how to play. You'll just learn your play style through practice.

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