Seeking guidance for low level protection

I'm just starting out on a new server, and decided on a new class as well. I've only ever played paladins for just a bit in Wrath, and needless to say, things have changed significantly.

I'll get right to it: I'm having a lot of problems. My attacks seem extremely weak compared to what I'm used to from other classes. For example, my Hammer of the Righteous hit for 60 a few minutes ago. Does that seem right? I was really shocked by how weak it is. My only decent attacks seem to be Avenger's Shield and Holy Wrath, which have long cooldowns. Am I doing something really wrong here? I can't possibly figure out what it could be, but this sucks. I've only run one dungeon, but keeping aggro on large pulls in there was a losing proposition.

So I'm throwing myself on the mercy of the group here. What can I do to make this a little easier?
Hammer of the Righteous IS very weak. That's because, unlike other tanks, Prot's AoE is spread out across other abilities, primarily Consecration and Light's Hammer.

I will say this, though: keeping AoE aggro in dungeons on any sub-30 tank (except monks) is a pain. You get Consecration at 34 and that should help a lot. Until then, tab target a lot, use Avenger's Shield and Holy Wrath on cooldown, and hope for the best.

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