holy pally level 60 talent tier

I am having issues with choosing lvl 60 talents. 2 of them seem great but when i look around it tells me to choose one over the other for pve.

Clemency vs Unbreakable spirit.

Celemency basically makes all your "hand of *" able to be casted twice before triggering their cooldowns. their really isn;t many good "hand of *" for pve though most of them are great pvp wise but not pve imo.

Unbreakable spirit allows you to reduce cooldown time by up to 50% per holy powers used. it reduces lay on hands, divin shield and divine protection. all useable and good for holly pally in pve. 1% per holy power so that means at least 15-16 word of glories need to be used to reduce lay on hands by idk like 5 minutes? by then it should be 5minutes or less. this doesn't seem useful at all in dungeons though. raids no doubt dungeons no.

So which is better to use. so far im thinking clemency again this is PVE ONLY. i do pvp as well but not hardcore atm.
Hands are non-trivially useful in PvE. Sacrifice is 30% mitigation for your tank, Salvation allows a DPS to go nuts on the pull without worrying about threat, Protection clears physical debuffs and can save lives (eg, Armsmaster Harlan).

But the answer, as with most talents, is "it depends". Carry a stack or two of Tome of the Clear Mind and switch talents whenever appropriate to the situation.

Hand of Purity is also pretty useful for certain fights, by the way.
i tend to use hand of purity and clemency than unbreakable spirit at least for raiding goes. if you're needing to use lay on hands in the first minute you are bound to wipe and it'll just get reset anyways.

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