[A-25] RoKK Recruitment Thread

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We raid Tues-Thurs 6:30-10:00 pm

25 Man Guild

We are looking for:
DPS (any)
Healers (particularly monk/paladin/druid)
Off Tank w/ strong dps or heals spec

Skilled Players Encouraged to Apply

We are currently killing: 0/14 SoO

Past Tiers:

12/12 ToT, 1/13 HM
16/16 Normal and 4/6 MSV Heroic

Our website: http://rokkguild.guildlaunch.com

Recruitment officers are Shawni and Sarine.

*Please don't hesitate to drop us a line to talk recruitment! If we're busy, ask for our battle tags so we can get back to you at a better time. You can also leave yours in this thread and one of us will add you ASAP.*

We are looking for individuals who would be able to consistently attend raids (raiders must maintain 60% attendance), who are willing to use consumables, who don't have an irresistible attraction to fire and who bring us cookies.

RoKK has been around since Vanilla and actively raided since Burning Crusade. Many old members tend to stick around for alt raids and guild activities. You can expect stability.. which can be really hard to find in WoW!

Unfortunately with stability and casual raiding come some drawbacks. We'll never be the top guild on the server but we're ok with that. We do things in our own time and in our own way. It's more important to us to enjoy the game.

If you are interested, please swing by at http://rokkguild.guildlaunch.com and check out our apps forum.
As long as they're peanut butter or snickerdoodle.
I say banana pudding with wafers....

and Amaxas...I AM THE COOKIE MONSTER...and I even make them with a green pretty circle!

Incorrect, you are the gnome traitor. Shadowlane has the pretty circle so he gets to be cookie monster.
Just so everyone knows, if you are a lock and apply here you MUST have your Soulwell glyphed or you shall not pass!
In all seriousness, this is a great guild, we have a lot of fun and there are a lot of skilled players that kill stuff and enjoy playing together...come join the team.....submit an app today!!
oh yay new thread
If you were posting on KJ Hub you would know that I am merely in disquise as a worgen, indeed, gnome blood still courses through my veins.

Unrelated: I am thinking about hosting a pet battle tournament in June when I am home, maybe like a 2k buy in, winner takes all plus the 10k I donate. What you think Sarine? Are your pets n sich ready for that type of challenge?
I haven't pet battled in so long! Got so burned out after farming rares.
Join this guild people! They're awesome.
Join this guild people! They're awesome.

Questina you rock!

So yeah lets go people come on and join the fun at Rokk's Lobster Shop!

Ele shammy knock off battles were fun. xD
So many forum posts, so much bumping needed.... WTB DPS!
Did you mean....meow? Everyone needs a meow in their life!

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