[A-25] RoKK Recruitment Thread

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WTB DPS? Does that mean the DPS that we do have is insufficient?.... O.o

I am taking my cookies and going home!
Did you mean....meow? Everyone needs a meow in their life!

Is that an invite to plow your farm?
Is that an invite to plow your farm?

>.< low blow man
LOL! Meow's Garden of Love is open for business!
LOL! Meow's Garden of Love is open for business!

No. No one is good enough for my farm anymore
Welll see guys. Me(hunter) and my friend(Rdruid) are thinking about coming to this server, but we want a guild we can raid with and call home on this server if we do. You guys seem very talkative and funny and you know social..lol, and we like that. But the thing is we want to be able to raid we arent ToT progression yet but we will be there real soon!
And my friend can also play a Rshammy too
We are definitely open to some small groups of talented players!
I am a small group of talented players....just sayin....the imps when needed do quite well....

We are a good guild with strats that work and people that do well so we kill stuff and progress!
And i am very talented at playing my hunter ive been playing a hunter for 3 years(technically 4 but my rogue kinda became my main for about a year lol) And i am a good raider i just never have raided in mop yet because i didnt like it from my rogues perspective but on my hunter. I no matter what pull more than my weight i pull the dps and i can learn quickly.

As for my Friend hes a pretty decent healer and he can learn but you would just need to bare with him because he sometimes wont own up to his actions, where as i will own up to all my actions if i do them. If you ask me to do something ill do it. Btw before i apply Id like to talk to you guys. My battletag is Rolize#1154. Or if you are comfortable i can make a lvl 1 on the server on you guys invite me to guild and we can talk about stuff and all that before i apply! up to you
I'll just add your battletag. Edit: Added but you haven't been on. Not a big deal! But I will be leaving in a bit for a class and not until shortly before raid. I can't say for sure when another officer will log on for you to chat with so just catch me when you can.
bow chika bow wow.....
06/03/2013 05:07 PMPosted by Meowcenaries
LOL! Meow's Garden of Love is open for business!

No. No one is good enough for my farm anymore

Meow and I have settled down and are trying to make litters.
Aww, who doesn't love puppies.
You're dumb shut up
Meow listen here...Meow is the time for actions, if not meow than when...meow we must live as one and meow is the time for cookies with pudding....can I go meow?
Renegades of Kobra Kai... I had to check the site to figure out what it is.


Oh, and uber-grats for being around since Classic. That takes some work.
Johnny Lawrence is the real Karate Kid! Not that loser Daniel LaRusso!


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