rotation with 4 piece tier 15

Hi, I was just wondering what rotation you should be following once you have the 4 piece set bonus from tier 15. I remember reading it somewhere before but I can't seem to locate it again.
Right now I am following inq tv5 inqES how exo tv4 with buff active tv3 with buff active cs j tv3. Is that the correct one to be using or should I alter it. Thanks.
There really isn't a static rotation.

It doesn't really change that much. If you have the buff just make sure you burn the proc before you CS again.

CS won't be prioritized over Exo or HoW

You might get slightly less TV over the course of the fight, but it's a pretty good dps increase.
Keep doing same priority, just if TV buff is up try your best to NEVER use another CS unless you're <2 HPs and all other hp generater are on cd. Never delay holy TV for exo debuff, it's a dps loss over time
As Majintherm says, it's not worthwhile to alter your rotation for the set bonuses. Just keep doing the regular priority, and enjoy your Holy TVs when they happen.
Never delay holy TV for exo debuff, it's a dps loss over time

This is especially true once you consider that the Exo debuff doesn't actually affect t15 4p TVs. Until that gets fixed, anyway.

See here:

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