Which spec has the most to do?

I know for a fact that I want to go prot at endgame (or maybe even holy), but what spec is the most "busy" with the abilities while leveling? I want as little downtime with the button pushing as possible haha
Both prot and ret are pretty busy....main difference for me was the ability to faceroll EVERYTHING as prot...multiple mobs at a time...up to 10 or so is no problem. Ret kills faster and can be pretty durable but you will be casting flash of light more and using holy power on word of glory at times if you pull to many. Try em both out....what ever you find fun will be the best for YOU...I wouldn't lvl as holy unless you just heal dungeons...pretty slow up side the other 2 specs IMO. GL and have fun!
They're all about the same. Depends on the fight in the endgame.

As far as leveling goes, just level as Ret or Prot. Either or will work just fine.
Prot scales with haste best.

Even without haste stacking there is simply more to do with Prot due to WoG and SotR being off the global.
prot defiently if doing group content.

currently playing holy at level 71 and i played all healers up to 80-90 for the most part and leveling is boring as a healer especially today it's too easy. raiding is as fun as it gets when it comes to healing real raiding not LFR or old content.

ret i play for questing only and it's rotation seems very simple and relies too much on procs for it's dps. it imo is very boring.

prot is the most busy because in group content you can assure someone is an idiot or new and starts messing things up and you basically need to wipe their butts like they are kids and clean their mess. questing is a no brainer for any spec and is easy for all 3 including holy just takes longer in healing specs to kill things.

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