523 Fury Warrior LF guild - 1/13 exp.

Simply put, I'm looking for a raid team. I have some logs if anyone wishes to see them. Hit me up via this thread or in game via whisper or realid if you like.


Would prefer a 3 day a week setup but will take whatever works.

liloh and i are also out. gonna miss raiding with you, Freakshow :(
We had a solid run Dolt. :(
already miss ya :(
Bump, still looking for a potential raid slot.
Hello Tristnal!

We are looking for a core fury warrior (we have none on the roster atm). We would love to chat with you! Hope you give us a pst! Short into below with Btags.

About us:
Name: <Paradisio>
Faction: Horde
Server: US Blackrock (PST-PVP-Bloodlust)
Type: 25
Raid Days & Times: - Tuesday/Wednesday-8p.m. - 11p.m. & Sunday 7p.m. - 11p.m. ( PST- Server time)
Loot type: EPGP
Progression: *T15 4/13 Heroic*T14 11/16 Heroic
Website: www.solace-guild.net

We are looking for PROGRESSION raiders. Please have a Minimum ILEVEL of 516 and be at LEAST 1/12 Heroics before applying. That is at a MINIMUM.

If you would like to see us in action we STREAM TOO!
>>>>>> http://www.twitch.tv/poptya <<<<<<
Please direct all questions to the recruitment officers
Mint Battle Tag-Valkyrie#1624

Apply today: www.solace-guild.net
Bump for great justice.

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