[H] Checkmate (12/12) is recruiting!

Checkmate is currently recruiting for standby and casuals! We are currently 12/12 normal, we raid on Fri-Sat-Sun from 7-10 server.

Checkmate, originally from Shattered Hand, formed mid-Cataclysm and has been going ever since. Raiding in Cata was great (cleared heroic DS at 15%) and we're really looking forward to raiding in MoP. We've only been back to raiding for about a month now and we're already 12/12 normal and looking to move into heroics soon.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join on a casual basis so long as they are respectful to those around them. We're looking forward to seeing you in game!
11/12 :) Some hard progression for Lei Shen tomorrow night after a solid 3 attempts on Twin Consorts. Grats to all of you guys.
11/12 now, good job guys. Lei Shen going down soon.
12/12 as of last night, wonderful job guys.

Still recruiting for casuals and standby. ^^

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