Best race for Alliance Paladin discussion

Um...I have race changed quite a bit recently because i can't decide which is the best alliance race of paladin. Horde ones seem to be better both blood elf and tauren looks awesome. However alliance side um the graphic of human and dwarfs are just bad and old and I personally don't like dranei. Let me know what you think :)
You KNOW you're going to get the EMFH racial screamed at you, don't you? :P
EMFH, blah blah.

Anyway, I'd say that draenei are probably the best if you plan on going Ret thanks to Heroic Presence. That little bit of hit rating is pretty helpful when reforging since it can give you a little edge. Humans and dwarves can accomplish the same thing if you use a mace or a sword, but why be shoehorned into using a certain type of weapon for expertise when you can use any two-hander and get the same basic effect?

Then again, dwarves have that awesome Stoneform thing going on. It's a built-in survival cooldown, after all.
^ I was talking about look not stat, the little stat doesn't really game change anyways, including pvp and pve :)

Female draenei.
Night Elf.

Looks alone, definitely Female Draenei.....for Alliance at least.
^ I was talking about look not stat, the little stat doesn't really game change anyways, including pvp and pve :)

If you can overlook how disgustingly good the EMFH racial is in pvp and are mainly interested in looks I'd definitely say draenei female for alliance(although since you say you don't like draenei idk, I don't care for the other races that can be paladins alliance-side) and obviously blood elf(either gender) for horde.

I'd never want to be just a paladin when I could go a step further and be a total badass as a vindicator\blood knight. Heck sunwalkers(tauren) are pretty boss too.(I know, lorelol, but I still think those two are extremely cool)
EMFH, also the bonus Exp with Swords and Maces = less rating needed which can go to other things....and diplomacy.
Night Elf.


Don't get my hopes up.
I know we're talking Alliance Paladins, but I just wanted to chime in an aesthetic love for Tauren Paladins.

Tauren can be white furred, silver eyed and alabaster horned. They look big and imposing and make excellent tanks. Wielding Bulwark of Azzinoth and Savage Cobalt Slicer will make you look positively immense as a Tauren.
Looks: Female Draenei
"Power": Human (either gender)
Looks: Female Draenei
"Power": Human (either gender)

I still have my Tabard of the Hand in my bags.
ahah looks like most of the people like Dranei female, i just can't um...accept the horse legs myself.....
Forget about Alliance.
Go Horde and Bloodelf. Check the outlook of my toon, and you will never regret for the faction change.
Draenei is best. We're called Vindicators, that's much better than a lame name like paladin.
Human, easily

EMFH, 1% expertise when you use Swords or maces.

And the rep gain doesn't hurt either c;

After playing a Male Paladin since Vanilla, I'm enjoying the female model I recently changed to c:
Not to hijack, but similar question- looking at alliance based on looks, animations are more important than the few seconds I spend at login looking at the toon from the front. Have a pally I'll be faction swappin so: how are alliance animations/gear scaling (on the spectrum o belf female toothpick 2h'ers to orc lolshoulders).

Primary reason I've never played pally is that I've always been horde, and while I'm fine with Belf for casters, their melee animations always...bugged me.

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