is ret lock a good 2's comp?

also wondering what would make a good threes comp with ret lock and what healer.
Ret has some serious weaknesses that can be exploited, pick a partner that has strong CC, I was doing 2's with a disc priest for a couple of weeks and just switched to doing it with a resto druid. The difference was amazing having a partner that can CC healers long enough for me to burst down the dps was amazing. It can be frustrating but ret can be decent at least, until the higher rankings.

As for 3's mage, lock, rogue , boomkin are good for the dps part. For a healer that isn't as important, but having a healer that can do some damage is helpful (denounce, penance, etc.)
Ret and monk, Ret and Shamman, Ret and hunter - All are supposedly good comps.
Depends on which spec is the lock using.

Ret/lock is probably not that good in 2s, because neither of you can deal with fears (unless the lock is undead), and the lock's fears will be easily dealt with by the other melees.

So basically melees will destroy your lock, and you suck at peeling. That's not a good recipe for 2v2.

If, however, the warlock goes demonology, then it looks a lot better. Demo is pretty strong against melee and has decent burst. You can wait for him to charge up his demon bar, then you both pop everything on a HoJ'd target and blow them up.

As for healers, I'd say a shaman would be good, as would a monk. It's important that your CCs don't overlap too much.
ty for the help guys
also wondering what would make a good threes comp with ret lock and what healer.

CANDY! I went like 15-0 with a good feral druid in 2s. The damage was just insane.
I do well with a good rogue, and a good hunter. Note I am using "good" here. You get on a team with a mediocre/crap rogue/hunter, you'll prob get destroyed.

I did 2s with a lock for point cap at the beginning of this season, he was geared, we won about 75% of the time I would say.

You'll probably get trained either way
ya I am thinking so sitting at around 1550 atm
Disclaimer: Not a glad but been over 2100 on this toon this season.

ret warlock is a pretty decent double dps comp for us. With the portals you can reset pretty easy.

Example, you are in trouble 50% or lower and arent in a position to land a kill; have your lock chain fear and you both take portal to heal up. Don't be afraid to los! So many times is see other rets just try and stay on someone or me after they've used their cds when they would be better served healing them self up or their partner and just los if even for a few globals.

As for your 3s question: I'd say likely a rdruid or mw atm. 5.2 I would of said rsham.

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