Need help/advice on 5.3 challenge (spoiler?)

So, long story short I'm stuck on the yu'lon ranged dps challenge where you have to fight wrathion in the temple of the jade serpent. I'm a destro lock ilvl 513 with green fire.

The part that gives me the most trouble is the adds i can't seem to effectively kite and kill them before they get too fast and wreck me. I have my demonic gateway and teleport down and use them whenever i can to get away but wrathion has a tendency to drop a void zone on them and it kills me before i land.

The other problem is that I've spoiled myself with kjc and have a hard time transitioning back to not being able to move while casting which is useful because mag's fury is great for the mirror images/adds. the fact that kjc slows me is also killing me (see complaint about adds).

Does anyone have any advice or seen any good strategies?
I went affliction for this. Basically my strat was:
-start the fight behind him (for 250% extra dmg)
-run behind him every time he cast anything
-save port for "o eff" scenario
-when adds spawn, i soulburn->seed->soulburn->curse of exhaustion and kite, then i dot them up when i can
-keep hitting the back of the boss

grats on cape
i'm having a big problem with the fel hounds eating up my pit lords enslave, i park him at the other end of the room and they can still eat it. what am i doing wrong?
This fight is BS. You have to run it over and over again and if you are very lucky... things will line up for you to win it. There is no progression, it is just a crap ton of RnG and IMO a really !@#$ thing to do to it's players after all the other crap we had to do to get here. I did it on my DK, no prob... Frost Mage? I would love to hear from a Frost mage or a lock that actually completed this.
As a mage, when the adds spawn use Invisibility and go up on the balcony behind Yu'lon. The adds will stay down in the middle and Wrathion will come up to you. From there just nuke him and stay out the the aoe he does. Just don't get too close to the stairs or those adds will zerg you and they'll do it fast because by that time they have 700% movement speed or more.

Hunters can use basically the same tactic of using Feign Death up on the balcony near the back rail.

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