Legendary questline - cloak selection

For a prot paladin with a haste build, would you rather:

get the crit/haste/mastery and reforge crit to something useful (expertise/hit/dodge/parry)


get the dodge/parry/mastery and reforge dodge/parry to haste?

Considering it's a crapton of haste I'd be missing out on if I chose the non-haste cloak, I'm just wondering how bad is to have that useless crit there, compared to the "less useless, but still quite bad" dodge/parry?
Considering that, as I understand it, both dodge and parry are fairly terrible for Prot Paladins, go for the DPS cloak since both haste and mastery are frickin' amazing for Prot.

Upgraded the cloaks to 608 and then reforged them the way a sane Prot Paladin would reforge them.

DPS cloak: + 596 Haste, + 596 Crit, + 396 Expertise
Tank cloak: + 596 Dodge, + 992 Parry

I am definitely going with the DPS cloak if Titan Runestones ever decide to grace me with their presence. Haste is head-and-shoulders ahead of everything else, and the reforged Expertise can directly translate into Haste elsewhere or failing that, extra Mastery. Both are much better than avoidance stats. I mean, Dodge/Parry aren't terrible or anything, but they're not good either.

The tank cloak wins for raw itemization budget, it has an extra 600 in raw stats allocated to defensive stats, but I'd say the Haste and Expertise win. And yeah, the Crit is actually a decent amount of damage (our DPS does matter).

That's basically what I was interested in:

596 Crit (0.99%)
396 Expertise (1.16)
596 Haste (1.4%)


596 Dodge (0.67%)
992 Parry (1.12%)

So I lose 1.79% total avoidance (assuming pre-dr?) and gain 1.16% expertise, 1.4% haste. Seems worth it to me to get the DPS cloak.
Yeah, that's pre-dr. Their percentages on the compare sheet may be off actually, I haven't actually checked versus the in-game figured. I just use the ratings.

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