10.8.4 Released

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Contains updated video drivers and bug fixes. Apple, as usual, leaves the graphics drivers out of change log though but they are updated. Nvidia specifically bumped from 304 to 310. Still older than web driver available directly from nvidia but newer than what 10.8.3 ships with
For anyone who installed the web driver, it is apparently not compatible with 10.8.4 and will not load without a future update from Nvidia.
06/04/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Phine
For anyone who installed the web driver, it is apparently not compatible with 10.8.4 and will not load without a future update from Nvidia.

correct. but i'm sure the'll update that soon enough.
Just a note: If you have a Samsung TV or monitor capable of both 1080i and 1080p modes, 10.8.4 is apparently causing problems with 1080p mode and rendering it completely inaccessible for some Samsung owners. Not all Samsung models are affected, so anybody that has updated to 10.8.4 and has lost 1080p mode in the operating system should create a thread (and please keep it to just the first thread created on the issue).

In any thread (or the first created) for this issue, and only this issue, please list the following information:

From the System Profiler:

Hardware Information
Graphics Information
Software Information

Samsung TV or Monitor model number

This can be used by S4d1k to narrow down which models are affected and/or which specific model lines appear to have the issue and he can send the information to Apple.
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You guys RULE, btw!

Any quirkiness with the game client that you've seen? any improvements with new drivers? Any impact whatsoever on an older GPU? (GT8800) Thanks guys! Keep rockin'!
I'd expect little to no change with an old gpu, those drivers just wouldn't be seeing any changes at this point. Maybe some 10.8 specific bugfixes. Should be good to update either way since the devs will focus their games around latest OS X release at any given time.
Updated to 10.8.4 last night on my Mac Mini. WoW seems to be running the same as before. Was in hopes of maybe more fps, since it was mentioned graphic card drivers were updated. I've got a Radeon HD 6630M and not seeing any difference in game play or other activities. Although I've yet to try D3 since the update.

Also, being a Mac Mini, I do use my TV as my monitor. My TV happens to be a Samsung 22" LED (model: un22d5003bf), which thankfully does NOT have the 1080p issue mentioned above. Works just fine.
For those with Razer products, steer clear.

I can no longer use modifier keys with my Naga and many of my modifier keys on my Anansi no longer work.

Not sure what to do now... might have to dig up the keyboard fix :\.

EDIT: I can confirm that the 4.1 WoW keyboard fix fixes the issue for Razer devices on 10.8.4 with modifier keys.
10.8.4 web drivers for Nvidia cards were released a couple weeks ago, missed it:


(performance on my machine appears to be exactly the same)

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