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1: I use self buffs and nothing else... no food or anything like that. This does make a bit of a difference since I am a panda.

2: I do not have a full set of WW gear. I have a couple pieces (see two) that I swap out when I am WW or want more dps as Brm.

3: Those numbers are from 3 weeks ago when I got the warglaive. I may or may not have gotten several upgrades in 3 weeks time. Its not like several thousand Valor, 36+ boss kills and a new patch could have changed my gear or anything.

4: I always use average dps over a long time on a target dummy if I put out my own numbers. I don't talk about periods of burst or AoE or anything like that. Most like to inflate their numbers but I am not most and refuse to spew out BS.

5: The guy who thinks he is Xeuns gift to monkery is gemmed, enchanted and reforged in a way I could not begin to explain. Probably shouldn't listen to him.

Need I explain more?

Do I need to explain that I am not going to tell someone to spend 50-150g per gem on gear that is junk and can be replaced in a week? Same goes for enchants and stuff. Watch the video the guy linked on page one (I think). The majority of DPS problems are not a gear thing... they are a player not hitting their buttons thing.

I do 70k on a training dummy without using any cooldowns, or totems, being 10 ilvls behind you.

Psst... Got to stay quiet... don't want anyone to hear... I was doing that 90k listed in my messed up gear while being 10 ilvls behind myself. See number 3.
Reforging away from hit, and generally finding better gear will definitely help. Action-wise, keep an eye out for some of the effects that you have. Figuring out how to properly sequence or stack your effects, in line with your play style, should give you a bit of a bump. You have both a talent and a glyph that affect Mind Spike. I'd suggest integrating that into your actions, or changing talents/glyphs to ones that affect spells you use more often. I went with Solace and Insanity for my shadow priest, simply because I use Mind Flay and Devouring Plague more heavily than Mind Spike or Shadowfiend. Also, watch what other players of your class/spec are doing when you're in a group with them. Seeing what works and what doesn't, and then trying them yourself to see if they fit your style, is another way to improve.
When you do trash mobs DO NOT USE DOTs! Use Mind sear targeting the tank! Youre DPS will jump. Use the DOTs on single targets like bosses. MIND SEAR is your friend
So much bad in this topic... Gems and enchants do not do that much.... PERIOD

If I trade my offhand out for a Warglaive of Azzinoth I only lose 25-30k dps out of 85-92k dps. That is 502 vs 156... that is a base dps difference over 3300. That is a giant nerf in gear for a melee but it has little real effect. This guy is being told he is at 16k dps and you think his gems are doing that?

That is 99% a skill problem. Will gems help? Yes every little bit helps but they are not his problem.
lawl, that's all you get at ilvl 515? Either troll or really stupid.

I'll consider it the latter, and inform you if your stat priority was better, you should be pulling 150k minimum. So please, 92k dps at ilvl 515? Not only are you bad at realizing how much stats mean in this game, it's also a skill problem. Stop throwing stones in glass houses.

Simulationcraft and FemaleDwarf peg me at 160k sustained dps, at a 524 ilvl. I usually do 150-ish.

But you're right, the simulators are wrong, and I'm clearly just an awful player. You're also god's gift to monkery, keep on keepin on.

EDIT: I just realized you're a tank. I'm not sure what point my post has anymore because lolvengeance.
Get reforge lite addon it is a life saver for hitting hit caps without hours of number crunching. Remember to gem for hit first them reforge.

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