More character slots per realm?

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we only have 11 character slots per realm which is not even enough in my opinion, seing how there are 11 classes with diff variations of races to choose from. why not make it to where we just get 50 slots on the realm we start off from so that people wont get frustrated with the fact that they have to find them selves leveling without Boa's they earned really hard for or starting from scratch on a "foreign" realm. Also,they may have to delete toons they have spent numerous amounts of time leveling on just so they can have enough room to create a character that they want to play at the time. Also, some people even feel that they need to pay $$ to migrate their one character to a different realm so it will not be deleted, but still on their account so they can have room on their "Home" realm, but not everyone has that kinda money laying around just to spend on a character migration. And i know some people arent patient enough to wait for another X-pack to release so they get a whopping "1" more char slot on their realm lol. I think that by adding 50 total character slots this will give people more space to be able to try out new characters and classes on their realm they started from and give them an overall better playing experience. What do you guys think about this idea?
This has been discussed quite often by Blizzard and you should pop it over in the general section if you expect anyone to pay any attention to it.

They have spoken about letting you put your 50 characters per account on any server, but nothing came of it. I believe a bean counter may have piped up and pointed out how much money they'd lose in server transfers....

It's not out of the question but you're not asking for something that the developers haven't already asked for themselves.
Well if they are more worried about losing a little bit of money rather then satisfying their customers... More power to them. I just think that they should add the 50 on everyone's realm, them pay to have more slots if needed so that there are still ways for them to make money.

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