can some please give advice on my gear

still learning how to get the most out of gear so i can help and be better in raids. thanks
-Hit and Exp are very low, should be around 7.5
-You have a lot of mastery that could go into haste
-No need for stam gems

This could be slight nit picking but your talent choices aren't amazing for miximizing DPS (mine are for PvP atm so replace Holy Prism with Execution Sentence).

My set if fairly off right now as I've been doing a lot of PvP and haven't had the chance to reforge/enchant some of my new gear just yet but the biggest thing is to be above hit cap, and get as much haste as you can.
thanks for the advice and taking time to help me be a better player.
Stam gems are only useful if you're matching blue sockets AND trying to control your hit; hit is now a blue gem, so you should be using Lightning (haste/hit) green gems. You're enchanting everything like a tank would, and that is seriously gimping your damage. Your trinkets are both really bad for Ret despite their item levels.

You need to read the sticky here, as it covers gemming, enchanting, rotation, talents, and pretty much everything else you need to know.
Again, I totally agree with Grog. Damiit, your trinkets are two of the worse ones this patch for ret pallys.

I read these forums all the time but rarely comment. I have noticed Grog's replies to every ret pallys questions and he has been spot on with ALL of his answers. That is very nice of you Grog, to help out the new or less experienced ret pallys. Believe it or not, but most people do not like to just read a "sticky" and then feel convinced. They like to hear from guys like you.

So, just a shout out to you Grog, for everything you do for the new and less experienced ret pallys. You definitely make the community of ret pallys a lot better.
ok thanks will read sticky

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