Simple question on Tortos 10M normal

Icy Veins and Elitest Jerks recommend I talent into Sacred Shield for this fight on normal mode. I've never used it. I've always talented into Selfless Healer which gives me the benefit of a mini lay on hands with my flash of light.

I don't understand the benefit of sacred shield on this fight over selfless healer. Could someone familiar with the talent explain it to me please?
Probably just to keep the bat tank above the amount of hp that he needs to be.
Yeah, it probably is more to benefit the bat tank, but it shouldn't be a make-or-break need. I pugged into a 25n on Tortos the other week and the bat tank was the one most in danger; I Sacced when I could and slapped her with SH when needed, but she was still usually first tank down. Then again, that was a Blood tank, so if you don't have a Blood tank on adds, SS may become even more valuable.

Tank wasn't the reason the guild wasn't getting the kill, though; that was a DPS issue.

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