LFR Ji-Kun's Feather vs. T-Forged Primordius

The internet is telling me different things all over the place, cannot decide.

Or should I just cut out Brutal Shado-Pan Talisman?
Ditch Brutal Shado-Pan. The proc rate isn't very good and you don't need such a stupid amount of expertise.

I believe 502 Ji-kun or Spark is better than T-forged Primordius anyway, any clarification?

Click on the trinket, it will show you a list of the trinkets rated best in slot, down to worst in slot.

Stat weights are the normal haste build.
If you have LFR Feather and TF Primo, drop the SPA trink. Long ICD makes SPA trink bad, and Primo's RPPM should average out to more overall strength during an encounter.
@ Alexardos - That bis list of trinkets on AMR is wrong. I would not use AMR for a bis list of trinkets, or bis list of any gear, ever. I totally agree with Grog! The two best trinkets for ret pallys are the Feather and Spark, bottom line. And Feather is so good that even the LFR out weighs ALL other trinkets, except Spark regular, TF, and heroic. Primordious is crap and Rep trinket is crap. I have all four and have tested all four myself. The best way to find out is to sim your toon with each trinket combo. Still not totally convinced, like myself at one time, then use them and see for yourself.

BTW, sorry, when I logged out last night, I was in my off-spec gear. Anyway, I hope this helps.
Yeah AMR, Icy Veins and MaxDPS have all been telling me different things in regard to which of our trinkets to use so that's why I'm really confused. So far the target dummy has been agreeing with you guys with Feather+Primordius.
Protip - Do not trust any of those sites, as they pretty much all use an arbitrary set of stat weights to determine BiS lists. This is bad because stat weights fluctuate on an individual basis and are not uniform from one Ret to another.
SimC tells me the DPS between LFR Ji Kun's and Shado-Pan talisman is almost identical

The target dummy tends to agree, it really all depends if Ji Kun decides to proc or not during the beginning GoAK + AV
SimCraft, so far as I'm aware, can't really account for delaying certain skills for the smart use of trinkets and other procs. It's likely modeling ES as being used every time it's off CD instead of occasionally holding it for last second of Feather, or even for just a couple of seconds to see if SPA will proc again.

Simulations and projections are all well and good, but they simply cannot provide you with dead accurate data in a such situation.
SimCraft is a pretty crappy piece of software overall. Rawr is a better platform for character optimization than SimC, but simply lacks developers for many classes and specializations. There's really just nothing currently that can be used accurately. They are all wrong in their own way.
SimCraft is a tool; nothing more. The issues with it, or any character output modeling program, lies solely on the user. If one uses it and expects it to be 100% accurate with 0% deviation and then go ballistic when the actual results vary, that's on the user not the program.
I'm not saying I don't agree, I'm just saying what the target dummy has been saying. SPA tends to proc a lot more for the initial attacks+ burst while Ji Kun feels hit or miss. When Ji Kun hits, I do more damage.

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