Paladins are OP!

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Any one else agree?
Wish I knew in what area.
Can you be more specific?
I'm totally OP, optimally pretty.
Wait what? I haven't seen a thread title like this since Wrath.

/mind blown
No in this thread a monk is the OP
It appears that you had come face to face with a Paladin and by the looks of your avatar portrait I got to ask. When do thoes bandages come off?
OP, lol? They are nothing with no CDs popped... sadly.... wish the CDs were 1 minute and the amount of time should be 15 to 25 seconds but that's my opinion

Blizzard pls
Palis are OP for half a minute. Maybe a little bit longer if they time their CD's down. But once down, as someone said before, they become cupcakes. Trick is, timing out their CD's vs yours.

Basicly, if you see those wings,
Basicly, if you see those wings,

Thunderstorm -> Run for the hills -> Ascendance and all other CDs -> GG.

If they pop their shield, drop a healing totem and resume running until it fades.

We can cap flags/nodes while bubbled?

Nearly impossible to kill?

Is the Divine Storm getting in your face every so often?
IMO ret palys overall damage is insanely OP. Before 5.3, ret palys were already good with CD's popped and I also do agree that their auto attack was weak. What I think blizz should have done is fixed the auto attack damage and not their over all damage. For example "Sword of Light now increases damage with two-handed melee weapons by 30%, up from 15%.".
I think we need to worry about nerfing rogues first. Those 5k hemorrhage hits really hurt...
Thanks for creating another garbage thread in the general forums.

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