Kil'jaeden PSA: The Ins and Outs

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Highly Rated
Welcome to Kil'jaeden-US, one of the better servers for world PvP and progression raiding.

If you're searching for a new home, or maybe another server to play on while you're bored, you may find this thread very useful. One of the more important steps in finding a server to play on is thorough research. Educating yourself before joining a server can save you a lot of time.

Now on to the information you're looking for:

Official unofficial community site:'jaeden_US

Queues - As of 6/18/13, players have run into a login queue around peak hours. KJ may be locked during the evening, due to the influx of players. Expect heavy login queues once patch 5.4 is released. In the past, players have run into queue times on major patch days (which last for a week and some change), and for the first couple weeks of a new expansion.

H:A ratio - KJ is a Horde dominated server, with the population gap frequently changing with new patches, PvP seasons and expansions. That's not to say Horde is the better faction, but you'll find many guilds (both PvE & PvP) and a very active economy.

The Alliance houses a number of guilds, one of them being a very large world PvP guild. A few of the top PvE progression guilds on our server can be found on Alliance as well. There's a very tight-knit atmosphere that many will enjoy more than the bustling melting pot of our Horde community.

World PvP - KJ has always been known for its WPVP, and we continue to house some of the most aggressive battles. You'll find city raids, PvP vendor battles, Isle of Thunder ganking, and all sorts of random encounters throughout Pandaria almost every day of the week. There's also an abundance of forum activity caused by in game events. Everything from congratulatory threads, to your typical "@" threads can be found on our realm forum.

Rated PvP - Our server is #12 for rated BGs, which you can view here:
(With the amount of windtrading going on this season, this list may not be very accurate.)

There are numerous guilds on both factions who have dedicated RBG groups, and plenty of people looking for players through Trade. Obviously Horde houses a wider selection of teams, ranging from very low MMR to 2K plus.

As with most populated PvP servers, there are many players looking to cap out conquest via Arena, and those looking to push rating. At the moment we aren't housing too many very highly rated arena teams, but it's guaranteed most players can find Arena partners during prime time hours.

PvE - At the moment KJ is 8th in the US, and 23rd in the world when it comes to PvE progression:

There are currently 7 guilds at 13/13H ToT, 1 at 12/13H, 8 guilds at 11/13H, 71 guilds progressing at 1/12H or more, and another 80+ guilds progressing through normal mode. There's much to choose from when it comes to PvE on our server, be it dedicated heroic progression guilds, two day a week semi-hardcore guilds, casual raiding guilds and those that randomly raid on off nights.

Economy - On the Horde faction you will find a very busy auction house, along with an extremely active Trade chat where people are always looking to buy, sell, and trade in game goods. The Alliance being smaller in size makes for a more demanding economy. Most of the time you will be able to find what you're looking for, and if not, seeking a seller/buyer through Trade or even on our realm forum will prove to be worth your time.

Pick-Up-Groups - I'd have to say our community partakes in actively hosting great PUGs. Both factions are typically looking for players for random BGs, Arena, RBGs, WPVP, and raiding. Although, hosting PUGs has become less frequent since the creation of Open Raid.

eRP/RP - A running joke among our community. You'll see plenty of it on the forum. Please participate.

Information will be updated as our server changes.

(Please click the "REQUEST STICKY" button at the top of the page, and give the first and 2nd post a "thumbs up" or "like" if you find them to be helpful. Thanks.)
see below for more guild info.
Also, no mention of eRP. Could we please add an eRP section?

Lets be honest, do you ever actually use those reserved spaces?

Oh and reserved.
Please click the like button for this post. Our forums do not have many "highly rated" threads and I think we suffer for it.

Please post links to KJ related sites. Such as the wowpedia page.
Great read, good job on this! I hope that players will notice this (especially if we get it to be a sticky) and pay attention, rather than continuously making new threads with their questions.

Sigil sucks, but I'll put up the information here:

<Sigil> 5/13 Heroic 10M
Contacts: Rueful, Jellospally, Ruie, Anxious
06/07/2013 03:05 PMPosted by Aleous
Also, no mention of eRP. Could we please add an eRP section?
You said the same thing when I made KD. I guess I'll give into your wishes this time.
What are you trying to say? That I repeat myself? That I repeat myself?
I think you should also include the image of catdad, I think it was done by Meepsie, where hes wiggling his butt
Pretty sure this is the wowpedia page you should use.'jaeden_US
90 Tauren Druid
Division VII

90 Tauren Druid
Division VII


:) We now have thee Bebbit.
Yep. Dnasis for Bebbit. jk
Yep. Dnasis for Bebbit. jk

For serious. I only have alts I don't play on Ally side now.

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