Bleeding Hollow
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^lol RP
welcome,not your fault on your raid group trying to take SW .you just encountered best Ally Guild on server, you were just "overwhelmed" by our tactics,thats all :) welcome again Kayla,see u on the battlefield
Bloodyknight,when has Blom really ever Raged? ive never heard him Rage at all. never heard him threaten a G'kick to anyone other than when we all are fooling around and joking with each other.i think you know you made a mistake by leaving AV and have to try and find a way to mask your feelings about how you think your friend "Knyves' was treated.he left guild on his own,then brought back into guild,left again cuz of his selfishness. AV is a "team" and a very good one at that. no room for selfishness in this guild.i dont really know you Bloody at all,just saw your vid's and thought they were kinda cool but if you leave AV the way you did,zero respect earned.especially when all that you said about Rally's and then had to "Bow" to him in order to join IWC(thats what i heard),is flat out shameful. maybe you can see the light and someday "bow" to Blom to get back in AV. no disrespect intended,just a fair opinion on my part.
Blom is my little buttercup how dare you say such hurtful words...

I feel as if you're just jealous of the way he pronounces "roof".

Bump because blom takes the game too serious and is a bad leader and surf is the reason why the guild is still together. And doesn't threaten his fellow guild members with being kicked or demoted just because they refuse to because there not in vent or leave the group because you rage all the time.

I don't usually browse the forums or post much because I like my brain cells, but I think I have to say something here.

Blom and Surf are great GMs, its just that they have different "styles" on the way they approach WPVP events/situations. I have NEVER seen Blom or Surf rage over anything. Yes they have been situations when we all, including myself, get a bit frustrated with some players because they don't listen well, or are a bit slow or that they don't follow instructions very well and want to do there own thing. Sadly, sometimes they need to take action to these and/or other faults in a more drastic way, but its VERY rare. That my friend, happens in every guild...specially in big and active guilds like AV, flag, IWC and others.
LF a resto shaman for 2's and 3's push. Would like to get the 1750 achievement in 2's and work on team cohesion for a 3's push next season.
lol what a joke

Talkin bout your gear big boy?

I mean not a single purple? One would figure you to understand the game before you ding 90 but hey trolling via forums seems to be higher priority.
Bump for a legit ally guild. Anyone switching servers give them a look.
lol what a joke

I'm going to roll a Warlock and apply.
Late night bumps.
Seven more hours of work then off to the gym.

I pick things up and put things down.
Bumping with an epic video.


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