H)Merciless 13/14H prepatch LF mythic raiders

Merciless is looking for Mature players to fill the core roster for 20man Mythic raiding in WoD,

Must be reliable, know your class and be willing to research the fights, the rest of the group always turns up and knows what they are doing. Skill/dedication > Gear

Merciless formed mid Cata on Thaurissan, and transferred to Barthilas mid year, with strong heroic raiding all the way through, Just missing out on Heroic Garrosh before the pre patch finishing with 13/14 heroic and 24th on server,

We run a fairly relaxed atmosphere with a good attitude towards each other, we have a joke around but its always mature and in good taste. We are not about abusing each other for simple mistakes, but will offer constructive criticism and advice when needed,

Raid days are Wed, Thurs, Mon 8.30pm svt. till about 10.30 sometimes later if we all want to keep going on progression and close to a kill.

For more info or to apply visit MercilessHorde.enjin.com
Now 11/12 and only needing shaman/hunter dps

no longer need dps
Looking to replace our Excellent Druid Healer, that had to leave due to work commitments
Need the heals for tonight!!
Need a healer for fresh run starting tomorrow
Are you still looking for a Resto druid? Off spec Boomy.
full team atm ty
Need heals for tomorrow .. wednesday fresh run
We have a lock just need the resto shammy or mw monk, but may consider any onther skilled heals at this stage
Need that healer, to be set for 5.4 in 2 weeks.
Bump. Still looking for a healer.
Once again looking for a healer after our druid decided to quit wow a few days before patch
Bump and etcetera and so forth.
Interested in a resto druid? Didn't raid much in MoP due to moving state but keen to get back into it for WoD.
Hey mate, we currently have a butt load of healers, including a resto druid. However, if you have other toons you might consider raiding on, check out the website and put in an app. Details in the op. Or contact me in game, I'll be around tonight NooBiaN #6390 (I think).

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