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I've recently server transferred and I'm looking for a guild. I'm looking for a good community, raiding and PvP. I've got gear for both Mistweaver and Windwalker but here are some specs for anybody looking:

2/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder
12/12 Throne of Thunder
4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring
6/6 Heart of Fear
6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults
527 ilvl MW
516 ilvl WW
1900+ in 2s
1900+ in 3s
27,000 conquest earned this season
Full Tyrannical WW
Tyrannical/Malevolent MW
10 of 10 Panda RP

I know having downed the old raids doesn't matter much, but I thought i should include everything I can think of this expansion. So far, I've been looking around and will still continue to look around until I find something to set on. I have Warrior and Warlock friends who are also looking to join a guild, and being able to include them into something I would join, would be awesome.

Five Greedy Grues is a 10 man raiding guild focused on getting into heroic content before nerf (our officers all have 1/13 heroic experience). We raid two nights a week and are looking for a swing player between heals and dps. I would like to talk with you at some point to see if there is a good fit. All my toons start with Fig.

Tuesday: 8-11 eastern (7-10 server)
Sunday: 8-11 eastern (7-10 server)
Bump for my panda rp buddy
koyon love to speak with you about a core healing spot bud main 10 man , 11/12 atm with attempts on lei shen , get with an officer in game / for more info. raid times are mon - thurs 8 - 11 pst

battletag: kryztmptng#1641

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