[A] <Pointless Endeavour> LF CORE Raiders

<Pointless Endeavour> Is a newly formed guild on Frostmourne - Alliance.

We are currently putting together a 10 man team to complete progression on the Throne of Thunder whilst it is current content.

We are in the need of all classes and specializations to fill our ranks, specifically;
1x Healer

What we expect of you...
    MUST be experienced raiders!
    Experienced & good at your chosen class.
    To attend raids flawlessly, if you can't attend, let us know!
    Have addons such as DBM or BigWigs installed.
    As we raid 3 nights, we expect you to play your best to achieve efficient and fast clears.

>Raid Schedule<
7:00PM ST - 9:30PM ST
- Monday - Thursday - Friday -

To apply for a core spot, head over to http://pointlessendeavour.guildlaunch.com/ and submit an app!
Need a healer guysh! 6/12 Norm on our 2nd progression week :).

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