Still Seeing Orphaned Characters...

Website Bug Report
Wondering if there has been any progress on this. Have done a scan on the forums and so far this is showing as a "known issue". The issue is about 6 years old...been happening that long. I have characters that were deleted during TBC that are showing up in my profile after having created my Battle.Net account (when this functionality was added).

The Battle.Net account subsumed two WoW accounts and for some reason these characters are still showing up in my profile. It affects the "realms" portion of the forum selection as well...since the webpage detects that I have characters on Ysondre...which I do not.

I have not had characters Slashdotcom (Dwarf Rogue) or Nairomi (Draenei Shaman) on Ysondre for over six years. It is a profound nuisance. Please update with the status of this bug as it is quite OLD.
Create a new character then log out. It's one of the "refresh" tricks.

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