Please remove Inquisition from GCD

GCD: Global Cool Down

I feel I could more fluidly work this into my opening rotation if I didn't have to wait for the CD caused by my last Holy Power source. That's all. :)

I think we are fluid enough. MOAR HASTE

Relatively minor change, but really not needed. Ret is doing really well right now, and I don't think INQ off the GCD is the QoL we need.

That's my opinion though
and this is an Inquisition thread

Better buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
The only thing I think Inquisition needs is to be more fun, but that selective.

For me personally I wouldn't mind if Seals had more of an interaction with Inquisition. Whether that be a minor effect or completely functioning differently based on the active Seal. It would certainly add more depth to both Inquisition and Seals and a good way to buff Seal of Justice. Allowing it to become the predominate pvp Seal.

This is actually pretty interesting. Maybe Inquisition could be an interesting way to bring in Ret Shields for more defense?

The only problem is that Inquisition already does a lot, and the ability could be bloated.

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