Warning for all the good ppl of Sarg!

Just a warning for ppl to watch out for Pyrotica (mage) He likes to put Tmog runs together
then leave all the loot on the bosses till the end of the run.. what he doesnt tell you is he kicks 3/4 of the raid at the end so he and a few friends get all the loot... So save your time and dont run with this fool.... Feel bad for the guild Exiled Elite for having this ninja in their guild... id get rid of him before he defiles your guilds name!
lol this is actually like the 4th time that I heard about the guild Exiled Elite screwing people over in transmog runs. LoL a guild of ninjas, whats more funny is there must not be that many players in the guild or even worth a damn if they have to pug old content for xmog runs.
Pyrotica did put together transmog runs. The Gm and myself( marshal ) were both on vacation for about a months time. When we returned from vacation Pyrotica was addressed about his ninjaing and removed the guild. I apologize to anyone that he stole gear from and removed you from the group.

I have not heard about this happening 4 times however, I believe there were 2 instances while I was on vacation. Pugging old content happens all the time, so I dont see the issue with that. Not everyone is on for a 2 a.m. transmog run. Again I apologize to anyone that was screwed over. If this happens to anyone else please message me and I will handle the situation.

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