Basic 5.3 Disc Priest PvP Guide

Basic 5.3 PvP Discipline Priest Guide

Hello everyone! This is going to be a simple Discipline PvP Guide for 5.3.

Some abbreviations you may be seeing through the guide

SG - Spectral Guise
SW:D - Shadow Word: Death
PW:S - Power Word: Shield
FH - Flash Heal
GH - Greater Heal
BH - Binding Heal
FW - Fear Ward
SF - Shadow Fiend
MB - Mind Bender
FDCL - From Darkness Comes Light
PF - Psyfiend
MC - Dominate Mind
VT/Roots - Void Tendrils
DS - Divine Star
PS - Pain Suppression
PI - Power Infusion
IF - Inner Focus
MD - Mass Dispel
AB - Angelic Bulwark
VS - Void Shift

Guide Sections
1. Macros
2. General Tips
3. Gems/Stats
4. Glyphs
5. Advanced Tips
6. Talents

Section 1 - The first section will be about useful macros that will help you progress as Disc in arenas.


Focus Arena 1/2/3

/focus arena1

/focus arena2

/focus arena3

Target Arena 1/2/3

/target arena1

/target arena2

/target arena3

One Button Inner Will/Fire

/castsequence inner fire, inner will

ALL IN ONE DISPEL MACRO - Really nice dispel macro that will dispel a beneficial spell from enemy target and enemy focus when holding ALT. It will dispel a harmful spell from a friendly target and dispel yourself if you hold SHIFT. Holding CTRL + Keybind will dispel you Shadowfiend/Mindbender. You can change the mod keys to anything you find comfortable.

#showtooltip Purify
/cast [nomod, harm] Dispel Magic
/cast [nomod, noharm] Purify
/cast [mod:shift, @player] Purify
/cast [mod:ctrl, @pet] Purify
/cast [mod:alt, @focus] Dispel Magic

I also use Archangel/InnerFocus or Archangel/PowerInfusion macros.

#showtooltip Power Infusion
/cast Archangel
/cast Power Infusion

#showtooltip Inner Focus
/cast Archangel
/cast Inner Focus

Death Target + Focus Death - This macro will SW:D the target and SW:D your focus target when holding shift. You can change the mod key to anything you find comfortable. (ctrl/alt/shift)

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
/cast [nomod] Shadow Word: Death
/cast [mod:shift, @focus] Shadow Word: Death

Void Shift Party 1/2

#showtooltip Void Shift
/cast [@party1] Void Shift

#showtooltip Void Shift
/cast [@party2] Void Shift

Fear Ward Self

#showtooltip Fear Ward
/cast [@player] Fear Ward

Basic Focus Macros

#showtooltip Spellname
/cast [target=focus] Spellname

Stopcasting for Penance - This is a must for canceling the Penance cast since when using glyph of Penance you can cast it while moving so jumping/moving wont stop the spell making it impossible to fake cast without this macro.


Section 2 - This section is about some tips that will help out beginner discs.
General Tips:

For targeting friendly targets I have target party1 set to scroll up on my mouse and target party2 set to scroll down. You can setup these binds in the targeting section of the keybinds tab. As for target self I have self cast key set to shift in the interface tab so when I hold shift + healing spell it will automatically cast it on me without having to target myself.

DK's can be pretty hard to deal with this season. The best tip I can give to someone who his having trouble against DK's is to take Void Tendrils, and fake Mind Freeze as much as you can. If the DK locks you, don't forget you can still use Divine Star while locked out of holy. That could save your life in a lot of situations.

Also when the DK uses Lichborne you can now cast Shack Undead on him for some extra CC. Make sure to always Shackle Undead his pets whenever you have free time. Gargoyle is the best pet to shackle.

You may think Greater Heal is a useless spell with its cast time. But if you know you have time to cast it without getting stunned and with IF up it can really help top off teammates. 90% of the time you will want to use FH over GH but you may find that time in the arena where GH is more helpful.

Binding Heal can help a lot in AoE damage situations in arena and can be a lot more mana efficient. Casting a few BH to top your target and yourself off is a lot better than doing 2/3 FH's each to top you both off.

Precasting Mass Dispel can be really helpful in most situations. Make sure not to randomly do it but if you know there is going to be so much damage that will be impossible for the enemy pally/mage to survive through start casting it at roughly 30% and a lot of the times you can get the bubble of instanty. There is a downside this precasting MD however, if you do happen to miss the bubble/block then you wasted the CD and if he does bubble a second or two later you wont be able to get it off.

Section 3 - This section will be about the best gems and stats for a PvP discipline priest.


At the moment since they nerf'd resilience gems these are my current gems of choice.

Red - Brilliant Primordial Ruby

Yellow - Artful Vermilion Onyx

Blue - Purified Imperial Amethyst

Meta - The Tyrannical Primal Diamond or if you can't buy that yet just get the intellect + 2% mana gem.

Stat Priority:

Section 4 - This section will be about Glyphs.


Now for S13 a lot of glyphs are situational, here are some glyphs you will be using and reasons you should choose them over other ones.

Glyph of Penance - This glyph will be chosen 100% of the time. Good thing about this glyph is now since you can cast Penance while moving its good to start casting Penance on a target and run behind a pillar or other obstacle so you can't be Counterspelled or other Spell Locks/CC's.

Glyph of Mending - This glyph helps a lot with burst comps. I will usually take this glyph against comps I don't need glyph of MD for.

Glyph of MD - You want this glyph when you are against Paly/Mage comps to dispell Iceblock/Pally Bubbles.

Glyph of Weakened Soul - Very nice glyph if you are dying way to easily.

Glyph of Inner Sanctum - I usually take this glyph against Aff warlocks + other SP heavy teams.

Glyph of Inner Fire - I will take this glyph if I know I will be getting trained all game by melee.

Glyph of Fear Ward - Really good glyph for facing warlocks. Do not take this glyph against Mages otherwise you risk FW being spell stolen and giving the enemy mage fear immunity.

Glyph of SW:D - You want this glyph against Hunter/Mage/Rogue/Monk teams. Use SW:D you break Scatter Shot/Polymorph/Blind/Paraysis.

Section 5 - Advanced Tips

Dominate Mind - There is a lot of cool things you can do with this spell. Some of them being if a enemy hunter misses his trap you can MC the enemy healer/dps and walk him into the hunters trap for a extra CC. Also you can MC enemy player into a enemy Ring of Frost that a mage puts down.

Psyfiend - If you are good with placement of this ability you can put it right under yourself so if a hunter scatter shots you and wants to land a trap your Psyfiend will eat it instead of it being taken by you.

Spectral Guise - A good thing to do with this spell is to use it right after PW:S'ing yourself for a sprint buff while stealthed to run long distances to fear the enemy healer without them seeing it coming. When healers start to expect the fear coming out of SG such as a enemy Disc priest FW'ing when you stealth you are able to fake his ward and dispel it before you go for another fear. Another great thing you can do with this spell is once you get good at predicting scatters you are able to pre-SG the scatter so your clone it leaves behind eats the trap.

Shadow Word: Death - This is one of your most important abilities. You will be using this to avoid a lot of CC in the arena. When you see a mage casting polymorph SW:D any enemy and it will break the polymorph if you time it right. You are also able to do this for instant CC's such as Scatter Shot/Paralysis/Blind in order to death these CC's you will need to predict them. Good ways to learn to predict instant CC's is to have good positioning around pillars, if you are always LoS'ing the enemy DPS then you will easily see the enemy Hunter/Rogue/Monk running at you when they want to CC then you just jump out and SW:D them and hope they CC you.

Fear Ward - There are a few things you can do with FW to help you out. Usually when a game starts you want to use this in the starter room so its back off CD as fast as possible. During the game when it comes off CD its good to save it until you know a fear is coming. A example being is when you see the enemy priest SG sprint towards you there is a good chance he is going for a fear. That is a good time to use FW because he will have to dispel it to fear or fear into it. If you see a priest walking towards you as soon as he gets in range just FW and most of the time you will immune the fear. Just remember they can do all these things to you also, so make sure before you fear you always have to check for FW to be up.

Shadowfiend/Mindbender - A lot of you already know the basics for SF/MB use for mana and some burst damage when your DPS are going for a kill. There is a cool thing you can do with the SF/MB to eat traps for you while sitting in a scatter shot. Make sure to have Move Pet keybinded to something when you get scatter shotted just move your pet you your toon and walk it over the trap. Most of the time the pet will take the trap for you. A nice thing to have is a dispel SF/MB macro.

Section 6 - Talents

My current spec is :


Dominate Mind - In 2s against most DPS/Healer teams

Psyfiend - In most 3s games and some 2s comps where you can cast a full MC or go for many fears.

Void Tendrils - I take this against melee heavy 3s teams or double melee 2s teams. Also very usefull against any DK teams. Do not take if the melee is a feral druid since he can just shift right out of it.


Body and Soul - I use this talent 100% of the time I just like the feel of it over
Phantasm/Angelic Feather.


From Darkness Comes Light - I almost use this 100% of the time. The instant FH procs are almost impossible to pass up as disc.

Mindbender - Mindbender isn't much different from Shadowfiend the difference is Shadowfiend gives more burst damage and returns more mana at one time on a longer CD. If you feel that its going to be a long game and can afford to give up the FH procs from FDCL then it may be a better choice.


Desperate Prayer - Almost never use this talent. I would sometimes use it against burst heavy 2s comps just to test it out but I don't think it's worth it over SG or even AB.

Spectral Guise - This is the best choice almost 100% of the time. There is way too many things you can do with it to not use it. Helps you get fears and can even eat traps for you.

Angelic Bulwark - I have only chosen this a couple times so far but I find it pretty helpful if you are facing a rogue/hunter team or something that could kill you in a stun.


Power Infusion - I find PI is the best choice to take in this set of talents. It helps you get insanely fast spirit shells up and can help EXTREMELY when you are behind in heals. You can also do some decent damage with it up when helping your team score a kill.


Cascade - You only ever want this talent for RBG's for more AoE healing than DS.

Divine Star - This is the talent you will be using in arenas 100% of the time due to the low mana cast compared to the other two choices. Also it can be casted while locked out of holy and it can get stealthed targets out of stealth since Halo no longer hits stealthed targets.

I know I am nowhere near the best Disc in the world and don't think I ever will be I just see a lot of people asking for beginner tips and I thought I could help out. If you noticed I missed anything important feel free to leave a reply below.
Hope you liked the guide and good luck in arenas!
- Anthro-Tichondrius
ty sir
Thanks for taking the time to write this up. It really helped me as a beginning Disc Priest. Cheers!
I learned a couple things from this, thanks
thank you
I think in arena phantasm, is the best way to go. Using a talent that isn't worth anything and losing all moving impairing spells is GG. Unless B&S is just as good?
Stat Priority:

Why Spirit over Int? This seems curious to me, considering the gem choices you list favor Int over Spirit.
Not bad for just covering basics, you should deff do an advanced guide as well.
Body and Soul talent really helps mobility and getting away from folks. iw ould strongly urge trying out this talent.
I'm a rank amateur with PVP stuff but what puzzles me most of all is how y'all manage the barrage of info you have to keep up with. Now granted, I'm mostly doing BG's and I understand this is more geared at Arena, where it's a lot less hectic, but still. For example, getting off a SW:D in between the time someone might attempt a CC on you and when it hits you... Do y'all have 20 addon's running to keep up with all this? I saw a video one time where a guy was explaining some UI stuff where he was managing target of my target's target, etc. Is that just assumed? I've been PVP'ing the auction house for years, but I don't think my player PVP skills have improved much since I first started playing.
great guide, keep it up
Stat Priority:

Why Spirit over Int? This seems curious to me, considering the gem choices you list favor Int over Spirit.

I found most good disc priest in 3v3 ladder sit their spirit at 9k but I am rarely out of mana with 7k spirit.
what makes good disc priest needing so much spirit? instead of getting more mastery, for example?

It will be great if someone else could answer this ques for me too.
nice guide i liked it ; helped me a lot with my new priest.
so this is a total noob question im sure but i need the help. in the first part of the general tips you talk about having a self cast button. how do i set that up so i can cast on my self with out changing target?

also can some explain the difference between a target and a focus ?
so this is a total noob question im sure but i need the help. in the first part of the general tips you talk about having a self cast button. how do i set that up so i can cast on my self with out changing target?

also can some explain the difference between a target and a focus ?

You can find in the in-game options under combat, I think, that allows you to hold a modifier key to self-cast.

A target portrait is what you get when you click someone, and if you right click their portrait, "set focus" is in the drop-down menu. If you click that, you can get a permanent portrait of the character or monster you focused. You can focus a team-mate, or a tank for easy access, and for using macros based on casting at the focus target.
A few more macros that personally find helpful.

Switch between the two with one binding

/castsequence !Inner Fire, !Inner Will

3 Macros that let you can spam these spells without having the cursor reset.

/cast !Mass Dispel

/cast !Power Word: Barrier

/cast !Psyfiend

Another SWD macro that allows you to SWD without having something targeted.

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
/cancelaura Power Word: Shield
/cancelaura Divine Aegis
/cast [@target,harm] Shadow Word: Death
/cast Shadow Word: Death

Leap of Faith
/cast [@mouseover, exists] [help] [nodead] Leap of Faith
Thanks you, I've started lvling a priest as a new alt. This guide was very helpful. The only thing i would ask (not that you havent already done a lot) is are there any addons you would suggest a newbie priest to use?

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