Inquisition Effects Unique To Each Seal.

There is always a lot of discussion about Inquisition on the pally forums. Take it off the global cd (which would be great qol change imo!!!!!!); Eliminate it all together; Make it more interesting. This thread will touch on making it more interesting, by combining Inquisition with a unique effect based upon which Seal you are in.

This was touched on in a few threads about different things, so I thought it deserved a thread of it's own. Here are my ideas, some of which I offered in another thread. Please give feedback and ideas of your own. Also, the ideas I have for this thread are move pvp orientated, but would work for pve as well I think.. or rather would not interfere with pve in any significant way, since that always seems to be the determining factor. Our pvp seal is lack luster, we get trained for good reason and we are unwanted in rbgs. This is mainly what I have focused on with my ideas.

Seal of Insight

Blessing of Insight - While Inquisition is active in Seal of Insight, damage taken is reduced by x%.

I was thinking 5 to 10%...? Passive damage reduction abilities are better overall when you're getting trained... ie Defensive Stance. Yeah we can sit in Seal of Insight, but that doesn't do anything when you're stunned and the self heal is quite minimal given the amount of damage in the game. Probably around ~10k per tick every ~2 to 2.5 seconds with perfect up time. For the amount of dps we lose in that seal, I feel we should be better compensated when we are forced to sit in it while getting trained.

Or... use this to bring back the Cata shield in some manner, since it is our pvp defensive stance and the removal of the sacred shield we had in Cata was unwarranted imo...

While Inquisition is active and in Seal of Insight, when reduced to x% (30% ?) health Blessing of Insight is activated; a 6/9/12 second shield (in relation to if you have 1-10/11-20/21/30 seconds remaining on Inquisition), absorbing x% of damage taken while active; or x amount of damage taken per second while active. Once activated, cannot be activated again for x amount of time. Could increase healing received by x% while active, or FOL chance to crit by x% when self cast while Blessing is active.

The goal in this isn't to be indestructible. Ret's are train targets for a reason. If our defensive cd's won't get reworked to be updated with all the changes to the game.. or their cd's lowered in general (DS), this might help to bridge a bit of the gap we have on survivability in pvp in general.

Seal of Justice

Since paladins are very squishy against casters and get feared to Baghdad, it would be nice to see some kind of anti caster damage mitigation / reflection worked in to our pvp seal.

Blessing of Justice - Upon refreshing of Inquisition in Seal of Justice, the effectiveness of the next fear, charm or damaging spell cast upon the paladin is reduced by x% or chance for that spell to hit is reduced by x%.


Blessing of Justice - While Inquisition is active in Seal of Justice, activation of the seal has a x% chance to proc Blessing of Justice, where the effectiveness of the next fear or charm spell cast upon the paladin is reduced by x% or chance for that spell to hit is reduced by x%.

This would mean that damaging spells would hit less hard; or fears / stuns would have their duration reduced by x% or would have less of a chance to hit in general. We need a fear reduction ability, so something like this might be an answer. Thoughts?

Seal of Truth

I think truth is pretty decent as is for pve and it's use in pvp. I honestly don't know what should be added to this to make it interesting with Inquisition for pve. I was thinking a % chance to proc a mastery buff on a TV while active or something. Possibly some more pve orientated players than myself would have ideas for this...? Grog I'll leave this one to you... :)

Seal of Righteousness

It would be nice to see something with seal of Righteousness that may help to make is viable/desired for rbgs. Possibly, add something like friendly players in the AOE vicinity of SOR are unable to be affected by blowbacks? Would make us valuable for flag spinning at LM in Arathi Basin and at the middle flag at the Eye of the Storm map, as you would have AOE damage as well as blowback protection for teammates. This blowback immunity could last for ~3 seconds after the seal effect is activated by an attack, so you would have to use your trink and bubble wisely to keep the other team from getting a stun on you and then achieving a blowback on your team after the immunity affect was over.

Blessing of the Righteous - While Inquisition is active during use of Seal of Righteousness, all friendly targets within 8 yards of the paladin are granted Righteous Ground, providing blowback immunity for ~3 seconds upon activation of the seal (from damage).

Fears, Stuns, Disarms would counter our ability to keep this up in general with the immunity only lasting ~3 seconds after the seal is activated, so I think this ability would have to remain active during inquisition for it to be of any significant value. You would have to manage your trinks (DS is essentially a trink to), keep better positioning in relation to your teammates, healers would have to be on the ball to keep fears dispelled off of you. Teammates would have to stay aware of the paladin's positioning and move in range to get the buff. Once they have it they would keep it for the full 3 seconds, but to have it reapplied, they would have to move back within range. Would make seal dancing to this fun if you/your team was fighting in an area where a well placed blowback could cause a wipe. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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