Holy: T15 2 Piece and HP Generation

I just got my 2 piece last night. I found myself casting HR->HR->HS to get the HP and for DB. By doing this I was waiting to cast HS until I got the DB stack to 2 and not casting HS on CD. My question is, how important is the 2 stack of DB for my healing over all? Is it substantial enough to wait to cast HS so I can get the 2 stack? I was finding I could gain HP very quickly so I wasn't worried too much about not casting HS on CD. I know that is looked down upon and my healing style before 5.3 was the opposite of that logic. But my HP gen was fine without casting HS on CD.
Thank You
You should always cast HS on CD. That is your number one priority if you want to maximize efficiency. Daybreak is minimal.
First, in a heavy AE fight you will cast 2 HR before HS comes out of cd.

And if you have 1 stack of daybreak and HS is off cd, why not use it? the day break math is 75/150, in the end the healing is the same ( with the addition of 1 extra gcd for HSing with 1daybreak).

If daybreak was like 50/150 then pallies could use some discretion about its use with 1/2 stacks. Right now its 75/150 and HS has to many pros to not be used with 1 stack of daybreak.

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