How much increase to pet damage with Orc?

How much does the Orc racial that increases pet damage actually increase your pet's dps output? Also is it a good idea to get a new pet as I level or can I use my starting pet all the way through to level 90 and still have a strong pet? Sorry if these questions are super obvious and/or noobish because I am fairly new to the game and completely new to Hunters. Thank you in advance XD!
2% increase so not much but it still makes it the best race for a hunter
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Your pet levels with you. So You can keep your starter pet all the way up to raiding on the bleeding edge content.

You can also tame anything blizzard allows you too.. thats at or bellow your level. It will snap level to meet your level. so if your level 50 and tame a level 2, the moment its tamed it will be level 50.

Pets at least at this very moment are mostly just skins over one of the 3 roles you can give them, Tenacity, Ferocity, and Cunning. But there are a few pet families that have skills that may be useful.

In pve the only whats that are really helpful are Battle rez and Blood lust. So for the time being they are mostly fuzzy DoTs.

Here is an amazing site that can tell you all about the pets out there that you can tame.

Ps. Damn i just noticed that some one just Raised this 2 year old corpse from the dead.
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First post on that account, and it's a necro. Not even a clever one.

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