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Hey everyone /wave Looking to recruit members for a guild I have just created on Caelestrasz! As a relatively new player myself I'm looking to recruit new players to wow or people who are looking for a fun and sociable guild. Will be looking to do mainly PvE, grouped quests, dungeon runs, scenarios and raids in the long term, and maybe expand into PvP content at some point. Happy to recruit players of all classes and levels, and very open to ideas for the guild and directions to take it. But the main aim is to be a fun and sociable guild who actively participate in all aspects of wow and to learn and improve as players together. If anyone is interested please post to this thread and I'll make contact or contact Mothac in game. Please note, the guild is called League Of Shadows although this may change upon registration....pending better ideas or suggestions :-)

Forgot to mention...You can also find me in the Valley Of Strength Inn next to the Auction House in Orgrimmar between 8 and 8:30pm AEST for meet and greets with those who may be interested in joining up. Really hope to get this guild rolling. Hope to see you there!
Hello again! League Of Shadows is almost up and running and I would like to invite interested parties to come say hello and join the guild. This guilds main focus is to be a social guild and to enjoy what wow has to offer! Come run dungeons and group quest to level toons and have a laugh along the way! Rep your guild in battle grounds! Reach 90 and end game content means raid nights for those who are interested. I was dancing on the AH steps in Orgrimmar recruiting tonight and I encourage players to come say hello! New players are very welcome to this guild and I would love to have you on board! I'll be live recruiting again Thursday night and over the weekend....but in the meantime if anyone is interested post a response to this thread and we can organise recruitment. Also if any players are keen to join and be officers in this guild I'd be happy to hear from you for further discussions!

Thanks wowers!!
Live recruiting again tonight for League Of Shadows! Come see the dancing orc in the Valley Of Strength Auction House in Orgrimmar! If your not in Orgrimmar wisper <Mothac> for more information and to sign up! Will be online from 9pm and I'll be running dungeons so come group if you have low level toons your looking to level. Hope to see interested parties tonight!
I'll make a new character and join. :) I'll whisper you in game.
Fantastic Ileina :-) I'll be on a little later tonight! Look forward to meeting your new toon and yourself of course! Talk soon!
A tough night for recruitment last night, and I'm sorry if I missed anyone whilst I was running dungeons....but on the other hand 5 others joined me on the AH steps and proceeded to get down and boogie! Funniest thing I've seen in wow to date. We drew quite a crowd! Will be recruiting again over the weekend for interested players! Please read previous posts for more information as to what the guild is all about. I'll try to post approx times when I'll be online and recruiting in orgrimmar over the weekend, whisper me or come see me in game but please feel free to post in this thread as well! Happy wow'ing!
Great news! League Of Shadows is up and running! I will be recruiting again tonight from 7pm AEST! All players welcome of all levels and experience! This is a social guild focused on levelling through group activities, dungeons, raids and the occasional spot of fishing. So if you love wow and enjoy the social aspect of the game, send me a whisper in game for invite! Hope to see you all tonight!
Hey everyone! Has been a great couple days for the guild! Tabard and guild bank has been established and is slowly being filled with useful items for us all to make use of. Guild roster is also starting to grow with some fantastic people coming on board. So look up League Of Shadows in guild finder and come join us, or whisper Mothac, Vaeljin or Lyrrick in game for invites. We may be a small guild at the moment but we would love you on board to help us grow, and is your chance to join and become a integral part of the guild and decision making from the start. Please read above post for more info as to what we are all about!
I would love to know more about the guild. I am very new and need some help with getting started here.

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