[H] <Supernova> (10/13H) 10 LF Mage/Warlock

<Supernova> of Blackrock (PVP PST) is looking for players to solidify our 10-man (Necessary Damage Raid) roster. We are 10/13 H ToT going into SoO.

LF 1 mage
LF 1 warlock

The core of the group has been raiding together for several years. We were 6/6 H MSV 4/6 H HoF pre-5.2.

We raid Tu,Th,Su 19:30-22:30 PST. Loot is handled with /roll with a "don't be a jerk" policy. Flasks/Feasts/Repairs supplied by guild bank.

We are looking for mature and capable players who can take responsibility and contribute to the raid's success on a regular basis. Group 'fit' is our highest qualification, but we're looking someone in the 520+ ilevel range with some heroic experience filling the healer role this expansion (obviously this tier preferred).

Applications can be filled out at supernovaguild.org or you can contact me via battletag Deathntaxes#1515.
I am interested. 527 here, with ret OS.

Also, I have a 521 ele sham who raids with me.
Updated information in top post. Thanks for the interest, Lxwang. We'll look it over on our site.
Still recruiting for tank spot, Blood DK or Prot warrior preferred.
Still recruiting for tank spot, Blood DK or Prot warrior preferred.
Updated top post. LF main tank and dps with healer offspec.
Updated top post, now only looking for a dps shaman or mage.
I thought I was done with recruiting this week, but no. Looking for a dps shaman, boomkin, or mage.
Updated with 4/13H progression. LF1M!
Updated top post.

LF 1 dps shaman (prefer enhancement) with healer offspec
LF 1 mage
LF 1 boomkin with healer offspec
Ready to go into the next raid lockout with one more. Get my btag from the top post.
Updating top post, only looking for one DPS shaman or mage. deathntaxes#1515
bump for a friend!
Newly updated. Tanks welcome!
539 DK tank. Only 2/13 but experience also in hm Iron Qon and Horridon. Just never got to kill them before my old guild felt appart. Let me know if you are interested.
Sorry, been out of town for a few. Hit me up in-game, my btag is above.
Well, still looking for a plate tank. Updated top post with new progression, now 7/13H.
tried submitting an application on the guild website but couldn't see how to make a post, so tried registering and it kept asking me about Mabuhai? Anyways...

523 Prot Warrior, 1/13H progression. Done several attempts on both Horridon and Tortos so I understand the mechanics and on Horridon we got him past war god.
Hit me up in game, deathntaxes#1515. I think we have someone trying out this week, but won't know until raid time. If you're online prior to our raid, pst me and I'll let you know if we can squeeze you in tonight for a tryout.

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