My PvP Hunter Macros: 5.3

So instead of going indepth and explaining each and every thing i just want to show you guys my macros, feel free to tell me any mistake i made or anything you think can improve them, thanks. Please also ask if you need help on any of these particular macros, thanks.
(it should be noted i'm still leveling but these are the macros i assume i will still be using at 90)

Now here are the macros:

Aspect macro:
#showtooltip aspect of the hawk -------- use any tooltip you want
/cast [nomod] aspect of the hawk don't know how to make
/cast [mod: shift] aspect of the cheetah it show them depending on stance
/cast [mod: alt] aspect of the pack

Canceling macro:
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection

Det macro:
#showtooltip Deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection
/cast Deterrence

Kill shot macro:
#showtooltip kill shot
/cast kill shot

Trap launcher macro:
#showtooltip trap launcher
/cancelaura [mod: shift] trap launcher
/cast [nomod] trap launcher

Master's Call:
#showtooltip Master's Call
/cast [@player, nomod] [target=party1, mod: shift] [target=party2, mod: alt] master's call

Pet order macro:
/petattack [nomod]
/petfollow [mod: shift]
/petmoveto [mod: alt]
/petstay [mod: ctrl]

One Shot Macro:
#showtooltip stampede
/cast blood fury
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast stampede
/cast bestial wrath

Pet Summon Macro:
/cast [nomod] Call Pet 1
/cast [mod: shift] Call Pet 2
/cast [mod: alt] Call Pet 3
/cast [mod: ctrl] Call Pet 4
/cast [mod: ctrl, alt] call pet 5
(note: don't know if the call pet 5 works like that with modifiers, not at that level to test it yet, please tell me if it does or doesn't, thanks)

Pet Special Ability macros: (note this is 2 macros, one for your target, and one for your focus, just swiitch the abilities and pets around for the pets you use, i assume these are the pets i will be using at 90, the reason it is 2 macros is because they won't fit into one single macro because of the 255 character limit, this is also why it does not include pets such as porcupine and spider)
Current target:
#showtooltip [pet:shale spider] web wrap; [pet:crane] lullaby; [pet:monkey] bad manner; [pet:spirit beast] spirit mend
/cast [pet:shale spider] web wrap; [pet:crane] lullaby; [pet:monkey] bad manner; [pet:spirit beast] spirit mend
#showtooltip [pet:shale spider] web wrap; [pet:crane] lullaby; [pet:monkey] bad manner
/cast [target=focus[ [pet:shale spider] web wrap; [pet:crane] lullaby; [pet:monkey] bad manner

Roar of Sac:
#showtooltip roar of sacrifice
/cast [target=imfrnmalazah , nomod] [target=party1, mod: shift] [target=party2, mod: alt] [target=mouseover, mod: ctrl] roar of sacrifice

Scare Beast:
#showtooltip scare beast
/cast [target= , nomod] [target=focus, mod: shift] scare beast

Scatter Shot:
#showtooltip scatter shot
/cast [target= , nomod] [target=focus, mod: shift] scatter shot

Silencing Shot:
#showtooltip silencing shot
/cast [target= , nomod] [target=focus, mod: shift] silencing shot

Tranq Shot:
#showtooltip tranquilizing shot
/cast [nomod] [target=focus, mod: shift] tranquilizing shot
Also to add:
I have heard that the pet ability Growl does remove the grounding totem buff and spell reflect, if so i have also made a macro for that:
#showtooltip growl
/cast [target= , nomod] [target=focus, mod: shift] growl

Also something very important are your target arena and focus arena macros:
/target arena1
/target arena2
/target arena3

/focus arena1
/focus arena2
/focus arena3

ALSO a mount macro:
(note this is not an original macro, i forget where i saw it but i did not create it)
/use [flyable]vitreous stone drake
/use [swimming]Abyssal Seahorse
/use [swimming]vitreous stone drake
/use [noflyable]black hawkstrider
/script VehicleExit()
/dismount [mounted]
Actually for the pet special ability for focus needs some editing, this is the correct one
Pet Special Ability Focus:
#showtooltip [pet:shale spider] web wrap; [pet:crane] lullaby; [pet:monkey] bad manner
/cast [@focus] [pet:shale spider] web wrap
/cast [@focus] [pet:monkey] bad manner
/cast [@focus] [pet:crane] lullaby
My favorite scatter trap macro:

#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/castsequence [mod:shift, target=focus, harm][harm][nomod] reset=3 Scatter Shot, Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap
Only one problem for me for that macro is that then i wouldn't be able to just use feezing trap off of a pet stun or ability.
trying to do a quick scatter shot and freeze trap macro but is too much clicking anyone knows a better macro that two or 1 click can do everything
You can combine the cancel aura (deterrence/bop) and kill shot macro into just one macro to save a keybind. It also improved efficiency of a kill shot out of a deterrence in that its just 1 click rather than 2 clicks.
My One Shot:
#showtooltip stampede
/cast blood fury
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast stampede
/cast bestial wrath
(Trinket you have Equip)
@Sienná: Your argument is invalid, Blood Fury is a racial Orc and your are an Human
I cant get the tranq shot macro to work... when i shift click it to use tranq shot on my focus nothing happens... and i do indeed have a focus... any suggestions?
Tranq Shot:
/cast [nomod] tranquilizing shot
/cast [mod:shift, target=focus] tranquilizing shot

does not work if you bind the macro with a shift+button combo
the easiest way to do the scatter+frezing trap combo that I've found is with this macro

/focus [nomod,@mouseover,harm,exists]
/cast [target=focus] Scatter Shot

what it does is scatter what you have on mouseover and set it as your focus
then I use freezing trap.
I have bound this to shift+space bar (pinky+thumb) and freezing trap is F2 (middle finger)
so I think is so quick because you have to note when you place you mouse right on top of the target you want yo sacatter+focus, you are ready to trap it, plus you have you focus setted so you can silecing shot later on.
I wish this help you, and sorry about my english, its terrible, cheers!

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