coming back, a mistake?

I'm coming back to my Paladin since Wotlk, I played char from mid vanilla until the end of Wotlk and was curious how ret was doing end game MoP.
is it worth the grind? I feel like the rotation is a little lack luster and we have a 2 minute-real damage window of opportunity but I wanted to grab opinions of high end players.

ps. what is the best level 90 ret talent?

-thanks in advance, Ovp
Endgame PvE or endgame PvP?

Ret is doing great in PvE right now. If you enjoy Ret, stick with it. I will say that Ret lacks a lot of the oomph it has at 90 while leveling, though, primarily due to poorer weapons and low haste.

Also which 90 talent you want depends on the fight. Single-target, Execution Sentence. If you can get multiple targets to stay inside Light's Hammer, that pulls ahead.

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