What is the BEST dps(exotic) hunter pet?

ive been wondering what exotic pet to use i have a devilsaur a shale spider a chimera and a rhino a a silithid whic is best dps ive currently been using a chimera but what should i use?
For PvP, PvE, solo work?
I didn't watch. Sporebat I assume?
I didn't watch. Sporebat I assume?

It's always Sporebat.

To seriously answer the question without being a video, there is no single best pet for any group situation. Bring a buff your group doesn't have.

If you're soloing, you'll see the biggest benefit from a Devilsaur/Quilen/Water Strider (5% crit), Spirit Beast (5 mastery + a self-heal), or a (non-exotic) Serpent/Hyena (10% attack speed). If your group already has all raid buffs covered, then I'd suggest either a Spirit Beast (emergency extra heal) or a Tallstrider (AoE sunder armor -- other classes bring solely single-target sunder armor).
Basically you fill in the blank for raids buffs and even party buffs. If you are raiding 25man content with all buffs covered then tallstrider is probably the best.
If every buff is covered, I prefer to use a quillen for Brez. IF not every buff is covered, you should bring what is needed.
This chart is slightly dated as everything can be speced ferocity and MoP brought some new exotic pets, but basically take a look at this:

It's always Sporebat.

in THIS case, the EXOTIC sporebat.

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