[H]<WideSpread Panic>Recruiting ALL classes!

Bleeding Hollow
<WideSpread Panic> (25) is looking to fill its roster again! Recently xfered guild from a crap server and looking for RANGED dps and healers for our TOT group!

We raid Wed & Saturday 9:45-12 ...Currently 3/12 in tot and pushing hard, still raiding msv, hof, and toes weekly when there is an interest and people need gear

We need active, friendly people to clear !@#$... We need healers, we need YOU! We will help gear you. Come be our friends <3 lol

PST: Vaníty (alt 0237 for the i), Poundithard, Toddzilla or any other WSP member you see on for an invite or more info! <3

(edited and updated for our roster needs)
Bump ... <3
until you came to Ursin :P and Bump <3
until you came to Ursin :P and Bump <3

Yes, 6 people online in Org (2 of them being us) was..... sad. lol
You guys have a website I can check out? I'll hit you up in game as well, Vanity.
Not really a website... I just started a FB page. facebook.com/wspguild

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