[A] LFM Weekend Raid! 12pm-4pm ST - SAT/SUN

I am looking for people that take raiding seriously but can't commit to weekday raid rosters.

We will be clearing and seeing all content available to us in a timely manner.

I am seeking some people with past Officer/Leader/Raid Caller Experience. As Well as other competent raiders.

All people intrested must be over iLvL 495 -500 - Alts maybe an exception depends on raid make-up/skill.

Need all atm, Tanks and Heals with Off-specs.

The raid will run every Sat and Sun morning from 11.45 Invites 12pm Start - 4pm SvT Finish

We will work on ToT Normals - and 5.0 Normals/Heroics for team building purposes.

18+ Only - LF Mature - Relaxed/Laid Back Raiders - Serious Mindsets.

Will also be forming a Challenge Mode Farm group.

If your intrested,

Add my Battletag for a chat if intrested. FarnzyFarnz#1531



Aiming to have a core of 13 players with raid viable off-specs.
(495-500+ iLvL)

- Prot Pally/ Ret (Core Tank Spot)
- DK Blood / Frost OS (Core Tank Spot)

Ranged Dps:
- Boomkin/Resto Druid (Ranged Spot/Back-up)

- Mistweaver Monk (Core Healer Spot)
- Holy/Shadow (Core Healer Spot)

Raiders will be rotated around to allow for absences and other raid related issues/gearing.

Prefer SKILL over GEAR!
Still Looking. Also looking for Raid Leader/Officers
I'd be interested in bringing my Warrior, I'll whisper you tonight.
:( no warlocks?
Warlock and Warrior spot filled, thanks for interest
Will lunch be provided?
<For Crits & Giggles> currently recruiting 1 Tank - Blood DK/Prot Pally, 2 Heals - Mistweaver Monk, Disc Priest (with Shad OS). 1 Ranged DPS Boomkin Druid (Sub). 11.45am - 4pm SvT SAT - SUN. We also invite other mature casuals and socials to come hang.
Bump Still need 2 Heals
Bump Still need 2 Heals

:), LFR ate my pigeonholed healers. how dare people play a spec they enjoy!

also i hear this thread goes bump in the night.
Need reliable tank omg.
LF 1 Tank Prot Pally / DK , 2 Heals Disc Priest/ Mistweaver Monk - Pref with Off-specs. Hit me up in game FarnzyFarnz#1531
What you are trying to do is exactly what I am looking for but, its too early. I am in the UK and 12 pm is like 3am for me. What's the chance of another team starting at 5pm server time?

I is not 90 yet but have a priest and a druid that would love to raid.
@gravypower, probably low atm. Got a core of about 5 who like the time
@gravy yea, were not really aiming @ weekend evening raids, we have "lives"ish and go out during the nights on the weekend but during the week raiding doesn't work for us either due to work or other commitments. This raid time slot is very enjoyable / feels very casual to us (though we're anything but.) I can certainly see an alt run during the weekend forming from our raid on an adhoc basis once we get our core sorted and start eyeing up 25man alt runs.
Also, bump, really need a plate tank, preferably a non warrior but will consider any committed players regardless (cores have alts yo)
Guild Leader "Denots" has terrible stuck up attitude with a large inflated ego and it shows when you speak to him.

Seems to be incredibly proud that his guild is so late in the progression curve and give snide responses.

Stay away if looking for a mature and respectful raid group with this kind of individual leading the guild into the ground. Won't even be able to sniff Ra-Den until the release of 5.4 LFR where the content is outdated.

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