[H] Neolutum 10m (3/13HC) needs Boom/Resto

After failing 25s we are now pushing 10 man progression instead. We have an immediate need for a well geared and highly skilled Boomkin/Resto. 515 minimum gear level and a plethora of progression experience is required. We've stagnated for 4-6 weeks due to the 25 man debacle and now we are charging forward. If we're not 4/13 by next week I will self-terminate so I can't afford to help gear or train anyone up. If you can fit the bill and bring high level play as both a boomkin and a resto (we change our raid comp every fight) then you're the right fit for us.

We raid 7-11 W/Th and provide 100% of consumables, repairs, and enchants. You bring the pro DPS/HPS and the will to wipe a bunch of times on difficult content and still keep a positive attitude along the way and we'll have a good time.
Bump. Fill out an application at http://neolutum.enjin.com/recruitment
What happened with the 25s?
Short Answer: Heroic Horridon.
Long Answer: (Lei Shen, Jin'Rohk heroic, Ji Kun Normal, or any other boss where we died to fire standers who had no business being in a progression raiding guild).

Ultimately we were just not good enough top to bottom to go far in heroics and it's impossible to recruit to a semi-hardcore 25 man these days (25s these days only survive as heroic progression raids). The 10 man we have pushing progression now *should* be able to make a push for server top 5 (we're probably too far back this tier but we'll see ... looks promising for 4 or 5/13 this week) but the issue is we need another 10-15 heroic capable players to make a 25 go again. We also did lose a fair amount of good people to the collapse of 25s so the reality is we're in 10s until something magical happens. We are going to try and home-grow a second and third progression 10 man to build back up but we'll see. I'm not a fan of 10s at all but even I'm sick of the grind we had to go through. Honestly without a merge from another successful heroic progression raid we're not likely to make another go for 25 any time soon and that hurts my soul.
Very sad/sorry to hear that. I know there was some bad blood between our guilds a while back, but I hope you guys can either pick up more people and make a return or continue to do well as a 10m.

Hope to still see you guys around though. Really sad that competition is dropping away so quickly.
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bump. Still looking for a pro DPS/healer. Would possibly consider shadow/Disc but druid highly preferred.

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