[H] <Heroic Intent> LFM Weekend Evenings!

<Heroic Intent> is in need of 3 more to complete it's weekend group. Our raid times are Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 8:30 until 11:00. Occasionally we'll run until 11:30 if we feel like progression is there. Banquets are provided, so you'll never have to worry about bringing your own food. We offer repairs for our raiders as well.

We are a very patient and casual group, running because we enjoy raiding as opposed to being elitist and kicking people who aren't up to par. Our community is very heavily experienced in raiding, and we have the resources to teach you not only any fight you are lacking knowledge of, but even to offer advice to help you improve on your class/spec should it be needed.

Our current openings are:
-1 monk or rogue dps
-1 resto shaman
-1 warrior tank

My group's comp is set up for diversity, so that the only item multiple rolls are on are tier tokens. Aside from that, you have the confidence of knowing that if an item drops you need, you're the one who's going to get it because nobody else's MS will require that item.

If you're interested you can contact myself, Treeshuh, or Darshrisen with any questions you may have. We will be running tonight, and if you're interested in joining you can be in the group tonight provided your gear is adequate. Thank you!

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