[A]Exiled 2/13h LF Mage/Ele Sham Core Spot

Old Realm: Alterac Mountains
Faction: Alliance
Tier 14: 8/16H
Tier 15: 2/13H

We are looking for the following classes and roles to fill our core 10m raid comp:

Elemental Shaman

Any other classes can be considered; however, we will request to run alongside the trials to see if these individuals have the dps, heals, and good level of awareness for our raid comp.

About Exiled, formerly Lethal Infliction

Exiled is a 10-man raiding guild formed by a small group of friends with the intent to create an environment where end game content could be downed without the expense of having a fun and laid back atmosphere.
We enjoy the high player accountability that comes with 10-man raiding, and expect applicants to be prepared to carry their weight.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 8-11pm EST (7pm -10pm CTS)(Subject to change). Mondays we use as a clean up day or fail-over for Thursday. Typically 3 hours from 8-11pm EST.

MANDATORY: Sign up for raid via calendar; otherwise, if you don't sign up we will assume you cannot make it and penalize on gear roll for next raid night, plus if its tentative, you must provide 2 hours prior to raid night attempt to ping an officer, whether you can show up or cannot.

Joining Exiled
Exiled is run by a dedicated group of officers that oversee the operation of the guild, and work to ensure the guild progresses through content in the quickest and most efficient way possible. With the assistance of the core of the guild, these officers handle everything from recruiting, and leading raids, to managing the guild bank and site.

Once a trial's application has been accepted they will be subject to a one month trial period. During this trial, the guild's officers and core raiders will review the player's skill, personality, and attitude to see if they have what it takes to become a raider. As a trial we expect 100% attendance. (And to be frank, as a raider we expect at least 90% attendance as well). We do accept part time raiders, but be aware if part time you will always take backseat to a full time raider.

Loot distribution type: Loot Council

Very simple, you simply link item of upgrade and character item avg item level + we also factor in the loot won within the raid week to ensure equal opportunity of loot distribution.

BATTLE.NET ID: jsantana2418#1251 or post espanteoso, fatál, amayea, scicheetah, korton, fecto in game.
Great server to come to. A lot of players, a lot of guilds and a lot of mook mooks.

Welcome to Sargeras, enjoy your stay.
Thank you, sir. Still recruiting, add me via battle.net ID or pst espanteoso, fatál, amayea, korton.
Welcome to Sargeras

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