PLEASE help me against hunters!

Hey pallys. So I'm making this post to see if any of you have some tips for my pally friend and I.

We're running enh/ret pally in 2's. We're currently trying to get the 1750 rating achievement (obviously we're not super pro) and atm we're stuck at 1650 because we can't seem to beat ANY team that has a hunter in it, no matter what the combo.

Last night about 90% of our games had a hunter in them.

So, the main problem is they/he (depending on if its healer/dps or dps/dps) go for me and I pretty much die within stampede. The hunter really just pops stampede then deterrence and I die. I'm exaggerating but that's the most of it.

Now we've tried almost everything. Pally BoP's me, pops sac etc which are all dispelled by the hunter or, it's simply not enough to help even when my pally is left alone to heal me till he's OOM!
I've tried taking all different talents, earthbind to root/kite/LoS and try survive, Primal Elementalist for the earth elemental damage reduction, AS for the instant hex (which is popped via BW, straight into a stun from my pally which is trinketed) Echo of Elements for the lucky procced heals, Windwalk Totem etc.

We'v tried targeting the hunter, we've tried CCing the hunter, we've tried killing the pet, I've tried popping ascendance early to put him on the back foot and just nothing is working! And lets not forget that due to camo the hunter almost always gets the opener.

Last night I think from memory we came up against about 20 or 25 hunter comps and we won about 3 or 4 of those games.

Is there ANYTHING my pally is missing? Or any general tips? Or I pretty much have to /afk against any hunter team as ret/enh?

Thanks :)
Start with in the most defensive stance and the paladin use Battle Healer + seal of insight, combined with hand of Sac. He'll need to use Guardian early and use Burden of Proof or Seal of Justice to slow the Hunter down. Also, try asking the Paladin to spec the Sanctified Wrath to hit the Hunter at range.

I'm a HPally and what can I tell you...i'm not pro and i'm trying the same 1750 on x2 and x3 arenas and i'm also stuck on 1650.

Pallies dont have to many skills get off from the quantity of cc like the hunters can do currently. To have a hunter today on your team is obligatory if you're seeking rating.

What to do against them? I honestly don't know. I try to loss everything from them but sometimes you have to expose yourself to heal your partner and voilà, get disoriented and fall in a trap, 30 secs later the same 10 seconds out from the battle (in an optimistic situation of having only the hunter controling you, otherwise you will burn down your defensive CD faster). First you can trinket, secondly bubble, then you pray. I don't know what blizz will do about this but today it is almost impossible to beat a team with hunters unless their are totaly retarded.
You can do one of two starts that work for me.

1. Kite until their burst is over and be as defensive as possible.

2. One of you bursts at start to force a deterrence, HoJ/FoJ once the detterence is down, then the other goes all out on trying to kill the hunter with their burst.

When you go in for kill, keep as many CC on the other 2s partner the hunter is with.

06/08/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Tjinjatu
Now we've tried almost everything. Pally BoP's me, pops sac etc which are all dispelled by the hunter

To prevent BoP being dispelled, you can either LoS or CC the hunter.

I pretty much die within stampede
It happens.
Okay i like to do what i call "Blind the zoo" which is have your pally blinding light the stampede and have your pally pop burst and heal dont pop burst to do damage just strictly heal, this is how i survive elemental/hunter/warrior burst, and if he can, have him bop you. and if he says his heals are to crappy hes bad because pally healz are insane right now but yea tell him to blind the zoo and to pop burst to heal. and with his burst up it will prolly force the hunter to deter and if you survive the burst its gg. And most important try to LOS the hunter as much as possible. hope this helps.
This is gonna sound a little strange, but have the Pally Hand of Salvation you, while Stampede is happening. This will drop your threat and put it all on your Pally friend. He can go full defensive with Seal of Insight, Battle Healer, Divine Protection w/ Glyph and Hammer of the Righteous debuff, but if he bubbles, the threat is gonna go back on to you.

If your main goal is to survive the Hunter, Ghost Wolf away and ask the Pally for Freedom. Worst Case scenario, Freedom + Wolf sprint and let the wolves heal you while you LoS and heal yourself. Frost Shock root the Hunter to keep him from getting LoS again.

If you can instant Hex the Hunter during Stampede, that might force a trinket.

Blinding the pets is also good.

Shamanistic Rage + Astral Shift + Hand of Sac will reduce incoming damage by a RIDICULOUS amount, which will make a huge difference even if it lasts for just 2 seconds until the Hunter starts dispelling.
Ok there you goes have given me a lot of good tips. We'll try put that into practice when we arena tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch :)
I also run ret/enh in 2s usually. Not even kidding, if its hunter/healer and you and your partner aren't great at CC: burst down the pet. I got so frustrated with BM/healer comps that I popped wings on his pet one match and it was such an easy win. From there on out we just killed the pet asap and noticed an increase in wins against hunter teams.

The real problem for us was hunter/melee burst teams. Hunter/DK was one that we just could not survive. No matter who we targeted/cc'd the other would just destroy us.

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