LF matching sword, shield, and cloak for xmog

Trying to find a matching sword, shield, and cloak for my prot pally, who is wearing Liadrin's Conquest transmog. Having trouble finding something that matches and would like your guys' input. Thanks!
I would advise finding one of the three that you like then looking for other items that match.

check here for all the models.

thanks, this helps a lot! :D
For prot and/or holy I use a Suneater and Skullflame Shield transmog. It goes well with our T9 and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, even if Skullflame is a little over-used.

EDIT - Oh, I was also using an Indefatigable Greatcloak transmog from Cata valor. It's not a bad match. Haven't shown my cloak graphic since I went ret though; 2-handers clip it pretty bad.

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