Legendary ranged DPS challenge (Spoiler)

I just completed this challenge last night. I couldn’t find any advice on how to win this fight as a fire mage, but I did find a video of a destro lock doing it (I think he had an easier time than I did, heh), but it wasn’t much help, other than to get an idea what to expect.

Here's your spoiler alert. Satisfied?

The fight is essentially two phases. During the first phase, Wrathion uses three abilities: a frontal 180 degree cone that hits for about 200k, a dusty cloud on the floor marks the area of effect; a fire rain, hits for 50k, black spots on the floor mark points of impact (easily avoided); and a 10-15 yard diameter fire trap, hits for 50k per second (with additional DoT damage), a glowing circle on the floor marks the area of effect, lasts about one minute.
Attacking Wrathion from behind increases damage by 250%.
Five lava oozes spawn throughout the fight, each with 600k hit points. They each hit for about 40k each and gain attack and movement speed the longer they are alive. They will pop back up right where you kill them in about 30 seconds. Killing these adds quickly and simultaneously is the key to victory. If they are not killed quickly enough, they’ll run you down and kill you. If they are not killed all at the same time, they will respawn at staggered intervals throughout the fight, eliminating the quality alone time you want to have with Wrathion as often as possible. Wrathion will continue to use his three abilities while you deal with the adds, so those effects need to be avoided as well.

During the second phase, Wrathion moves to the center of the room, where he creates a couple of dozen mirror images of himself, each with 1,000 hit points. All images immediately begin casting a spell with a 10-second cast time that deals massive damage. One of the images will be the real Wrathion and damaging him will destroy the remaining mirror images. He will then return to the center of the room and cast a new set of mirror images. After three sets of images have been destroyed, he begins using the three abilities from the first phase. The lava ooze adds will continue to spawn during this phase as well.

After attempting the fight quite a few times using my standard raid set of glyphs and talents, I made a couple of changes. I swapped out Glyph of Evocation for Glyph of Arcane Explosion in order to keep a safe distance from the adds while still doing consistent damage to them. I also traded the Presence of Mind ability for Blazing Speed because Blink doesn’t work reliably in the fight area (sometimes it will only move you forward a couple of steps – this is only true in the carpeted area). I also recommend using Ice Barrier and keeping it active throughout the fight.
Also, stock up on food, healing potions and intel flasks and potions. Even with a good strategy, it takes a bit of luck to successfully complete this challenge. Be prepared for a hefty repair bill as well.

Start the fight standing behind Wrathion to maximize your damage (he won’t agro until you start attacking). Cast Ice Barrier, Evocate, use a Potion of the Jade Serpent, hard cast Pyroblast and apply Nether Tempest. Move behind Wrathion when the cone effect appears and burn him, working towards a good Combustion. The adds will spawn after Wrathion has taken about 10-15% damage or about 30 seconds.
To deal with the adds, run in a widening circle while spamming Arcane Explosion, taking care to keep them all in range, but far enough away that you don’t get hit by them. For the most part, you’ll naturally avoid the cone attacks due to your constant movement. Take care to avoid any fire traps on the floor. Leaving the temple will forfeit the battle, but you can use the platform where Yu’Lon is hovering if you need some space to avoid the fire traps. I don’t recommend killing the adds up there though, because it will take some time for the adds to reach you back in the main area – time during which they will gain speed and haste – and they will quickly run you down and kill you.
Once the adds are dead, get close to Wrathion and cast Mirror Image. Get behind him, cast Time Warp and burn him until the adds respawn. The second phase will begin shortly thereafter.

During the second phase, simply run a circle around the carpeted area while spamming Arcane Explosion, destroying Wrathion’s mirror images and the adds chasing you. Once all the adds and images have been destroyed, get close to Wrathion, maneuver behind him and burn him.

Repeat until he’s dead, then go collect your shiny new cloak.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! Thank you for posting this, this is helpful, but should have put a SPOILER ALERT in the subject!!!
Awesome! To the original poster, thanks for the tips!

I look forward to fighting Wrathion as soon as I get all my Titan Runestones ... which unfortunately will be around 3 months as the drop rate sucks.
I didn't know there was such a challenge.. But hey I'm 4 months away from it at the rate I'm going..
I was expecting to just put a giant combust on him and burn him down like the other brawler guild bosses, but if we need our AE, yeah glyphed AE should work out nicely.

What's the deal with getting behind him? Does he turn to face you each time he casts something, and you can only get behind him in between abilities or what? How long can I stay behind him at a time? Ideally I'd get a block of 10 seconds to drop a boosted ~12 mill combust.
OP's item level is pretty low considering it's WITH a ilvl 600 cloak. Chances are, many people who get to this point will have a slightly easier time due to better gear. All the same, nice job OP and grats!
You can get behind Wrathion only during the cone attack, about five seconds each time. He turns to face you while casting the other two effects (which is dumb, because he's blindfolded). Using Mirror Image after the first set of adds has been destroyed works to keep him facing away from you longer.
I see, so I'll save Blazing Speed for that cone attack or blink through him. Mirror Image for my Combust. Maybe even combo Battle Banner with Mirror Image if I really wanted to cheese it. (it's basically like a cardboard assassin)
06/09/2013 10:55 PMPosted by Methusula
OP's item level is pretty low considering it's WITH a ilvl 600 cloak. Chances are, many people who get to this point will have a slightly easier time due to better gear.

I was expecting to just put a giant combust on him and burn him down like the other brawler guild bosses...

Bingo, with gear/luck and a hearty Combustion, he didn't even outlast my Lust. I think he spawns the adds at 30s and, by the time he had died at 38s, the adds hadn't even gotten to hit me yet. Granted, I was running/Scorching & Impacting HU to Pyroblast!s into him still.
Sounds good, I'll be doing this tomorrow
OP's item level is pretty low considering it's WITH a ilvl 600 cloak. Chances are, many people who get to this point will have a slightly easier time due to better gear. All the same, nice job OP and grats!

True. My item level prior to obtaining this cloak was 513 - gear consisting of loot from LFR, world bosses and what I've been able to purchase and upgrade with valor points. I'm sure that players who are in guilds that have ToT on farm will have a much easier time than I did with this fight. Likely my advice will be of little use to such players. It is my hope that my advice will, however, prove useful to other players like myself and assure them that while this fight will be difficult for them, it is not impossible.
Less impossbile than getting Titan Runestones to drop sounds like. :-(
Only took 20 seconds today, didn't have a big combust either

546 ilvl now
If I did LFR every week my brain would be applesauce. kudos 2 u for getting through it. You deserve the prize.
Thank you so much for the advice. For those of us not in heroic raid gear it was very useful. I would add that i found cold snap very helpful (30percent heal) use your mirrors after the adds go down for extra standing still kill the boss time and remember kill adds dps boss kill adds dps boss.
I didn't have any trouble doing this fight the first time around as a fire mage

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