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Hello fellow knights! My name is Larsardion and I just recently returned to the world of Azeroth after a long break and I've decided to come back as a paladin. I'm completely new to the class and I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums here because you are most likely going to be answering (or at least reading) a lot of stupid questions from me about paladins. Another reason is to hopefully get some advice from the more seasoned people on these forums.

Thanks :D
Welcome back to Azeroth fellow paladin. Good to have another brother on the front lines. I'm not a seasoned retribution paladin. Don't even know why I took it as an off spec because I never switch to it. I can how ever shed some advice on Protection. I've been a protection pally since the very beginning of Burning Crusade. Was a hunter back in Vanilla. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every level.

The forums will and are going to ask you what type of paladin you're wanting/going to be. Full time Ret or full time Protection/Holy. Are you going PvP or PVE. I don't pvp so I will not touch that. As far as protection goes it's easy. Very very easy. You have got to keep your eye on your surroundings rather it's watching your healers mana or watching stragglers going after someone else. Make use of all your skills and know what each will do to benefit you and keep your team alive. As far as gear goes don't worry about it now. Once you get into your 80's it'll be time to start piecing things together.

Get you some glyphs depending on your class. IcyVeins will cover all that. I don't know which route you are taking but good luck to you OP. An example rotation I do is this:
(Group) Avengers Shield>Reckoning on the mob it didn't hit>Hammer of the righteous(Weakens the blows against you)>Holy wrath>Concecration>Judgement>Shield of the Righteous. That's just part of it. It's really simple. Good luck OP.

Go to www.iceveins.com and read up on the level 90 protection paladin. It covers rotations, gems, enchants, gear and buffs ect. It has helped me tremendously. Keep your aoe's up and don't be afraid to use reckoning to taunt a mob that you didn't agro when you threw avengers shield.
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Go to www.iceveins.com

I would advise against that. While Icy Veins is not the worst offender out there, I would still deem it's information suspect. We actually have some really good guides stickied on these forums for all specs.

Any specifics, feel free to ask.
Thanks Atarius! My plan was to level as ret until I got to level 40 when I got shield of the righteous (I found having nothing to spend holy power on as prot was boring), so now I'm just looking for a 1h and a shield so I can switch back haha. I did tank as a bear at the end of bear at the end of cataclysm, so that's the last experience I have of it, so I will take all of your advice when I jump in and start tanking for real at end game :D

And Grognard I use Noxxic whenever I need a guide on a class, what would you say about that?
And Grognard I use Noxxic whenever I need a guide on a class, what would you say about that?

Noxxic is, like, the worst of all of the "guide" sites I know of (besides maybe MaxDPS). Its Ret guide is mostly okay for now, but take everything Noxxic says with a grain of salt, because it's frequently wrong about all sorts of things.
elitist jerks (also wins for most wordy) > mmo-champ forum guide > svayne's guide here/icy-veins (svayne's is dated now) > > > > maxdps > noxxic.

Some of noxxic's information is bad in a this seems almost deliberately bad way.

And Grognard I use Noxxic whenever I need a guide on a class, what would you say about that?

Noxxic is hands down the worst possible site to use. Avoid at all costs.
Haha well I'm glad I asked! I'll use Elitist Jerks then :D
EJ can be somewhat difficult to use, though, as there is a lot of exhaustive mathematics that tend to crop up. Sticky here has all the basic elements of the EJ thread distilled into a fairly easy to read format. I, and EJ, disagree with a couple of things Svayne recommends, but it's still mostly accurate despite that.

Not much has really changed since it was last touched, other than the 15% SoL buff.

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