Guide to getting gear.

I am a new 90 and I have a terrible Item Level. Does anybody have a good guide or tips on getting better gear and item levels at max level?
Haven't hit 90 recently, but this *looks* like it's pretty on-point/helpful
Make the entire blue pvp set cost like 200g.
get malevolent rings/trinkets/neck first.

Grats you have the gear to do LFR, now do LFR and pvping in between queues to replace your gear with epics.

Progress through LFR and get arena capped every week for tyrannical gear.

Don't spend valor on anything unless it's 522.

You haven't specified whether you want to mainly play in PvP or PvE so I guess I'll do both.

Player vs Player (PvP)
-Random Battlegrounds for Malevolent gear (Bought with honor points)
-Arena for Tyrannical gear (Bought with conquest points)

Player vs Environment (PvE)
-Heroic Dungeons for 463 blue quality gear,justice points and valor points (Spend justice & valor points at vendors for gear
-Looking for Raid or LFR for 476-502 epic quality gear
-Heroic Scenarios for 516 epic quality gear
-There are now quests you can complete in Northern barrens to award you with 489 epic quality gear.

The comments above me also have some great pointers
fast way to get a good starter weapon is arena scenario, i believe you get a 450 blue weapon

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